Increase Agent Speed to Proficiency Using Simulated Conversations

SymTrain automates training and coaching using AI-powered simulations in contact centers — potentially saving you thousands per agent, annually.

Because Practice Makes Profits

Companies that use simulations to practice customer conversations and automate role-play reduce their annual training costs by an average of 50% - saving millions. How much would your business save in a year?

Pre-hire Assessments

Use symtrain automated role-play to screen your candidates and identify the personalities and proclivities that align with your brand.


When you simulate customer interactions, every agent gets a turn at the training exercise and knowledge retention improves.

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Managers may not have time to coach every agent every day, but Coach Sym does! Use simulations to act on QA-identified opportunities.

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In business, things change quickly. SymTrain ensures your agents are properly reskilled and effectively executing using the updated information.

Revolutionize How You Train and Coach

Use simulations to automate resource-intensive role-play and measure agent preparedness, before they talk to customers.

Meet Coach Sym, your digital role-play partner

Delivered as a SaaS solution, right from the web-browser, Coach Sym takes the headache out of role-play exercises. He uses AI to deliver feedback automatically. With SymTrain, everyone gets a turn - simultaneously, ensuring every agent is both competent and confident to handle customer conversations.

“We have calculated a 100% improvement in time to proficiency with our new hires while managers and SMEs are spending more time on client-facing delivery.”

Mike Scher
Founder and Chairman FRONTLINE Selling

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This calculator only scratches the surface of how SymTrain will make you more cost efficient.

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