The Training Dilemma of Work From Home Employees

The ability to work from home has quickly become one of the most sought-after benefits for employees. Each year, more people are seeking positions that offer at least a partial work from home schedule, with over 52% of Americans already working from home at least once a week. And when you look at international trends, 16% of global companies have fully embraced the change and only hire remote workers. However, many are experiencing high attrition rates and are struggling to design a training program that leads to skill mastery. SymTrain provides a way to help you solve this training dilemma for work at home employees.

The Draw to Work@Home

During the pandemic, many workers transitioned out of physical offices into the work from home environment. After this change, people discovered they had more freedom and control over where, when, and how they work. It also afforded them greater flexibility to meet the demands of their personal and professional lives. People also found more time for the things that matter most since they no longer had to commute. Many businesses also embraced it, seeing a new way to reduce expenses since they didn’t need to support as many people on-site.

More Convenience, Less Connection

No one can deny the conveniences and advantages that remote work offers. However, convenience comes at a price. There is a more significant disconnect between leadership and the employees who support the company. Many report feeling more isolated and out of touch, and therefore less attuned to the company culture.

Performance has also suffered since the traditional training curriculum doesn’t translate well to a virtual environment. Since classroom techniques are less effective when training remotely, agents feel less confident and less prepared. This ultimately results in higher attrition rates and job abandonment if agents don’t feel they are capable of performing the job they were hired to do.

More Convenience, Less Connection

One way trainers are helping to span the virtual disconnect is by embracing the digital tools at their disposal. SymTrain’s automated role-plays now offer a new way to support your trainers and give agents the extra practice they need without dedicating more time or resources than necessary.

Your trainers become more effective since they can offload repetitive tasks to the AI. With SymTrain’s automated role-plays, they don’t have to spend valuable time doing one-by-one role-play scenarios in class. Instead, agents can now complete this on their own time. By automating these aspects of training, trainers can dedicate more attention to difficult content and support struggling agents.

Automated role-plays also allow you to emphasize and practice the skills your agents need to be successful in their position. You can customize your scenarios and recreate real-life situations to better prepare your agents. And since you are no longer limited to the training schedule, each person can practice outside of classroom time and have more attempts to complete each sym. 

With your own library of Syms, agents can work at their own pace, and repeat the interactions until they feel confident. And, the material will always be available to more seasoned agents who may need a refresher course. So no matter where your agents are in their SymTraining, the automated role-plays offer one more way to solve the training dilemma of work at home employees.