Get to Know Symtrain

Together we will optimize your employee performance with automated role-play.

Our Company

Born of necessity, SymTrain was founded in 2018 by Dan McCann and is well funded software company with a documented track record of delivering on ROI promises.

Our Mission

To optimize employee performance through automated role-play, AI-coaching, and digital assessment exercises by creating a digital coach for everyone.

Our Motivation

The successes of our customers motivate us to continuously make SymTrain easier to use, faster to deploy, highly innovative, and more feature rich.

Our Values

We are customer-first, strive to build and deliver a trustworthy solution, believe in continuous learning and improvement, and - above all - love what we do!

Our Origin Story

Dan McCann, our founder, ran an outbound sales contact center and struggled to develop talent, losing almost 50% of our new hires in their first six months.  We tried revamping training countless times, hiring more experienced talent, and adding our top 10% performers as mentors and coaches – when they had time.

Unfortunately, none of these efforts moved the needle.

Our new hires continued to get stuck when they tried to apply what they had learned in training to real-world scenarios. We knew practice makes perfect, but needed to find a way to scale a role-play-centric, hands-on approach to training.

So, we built a simulator to practice real-world role-plays. It worked so well that Sym-training became our coaching standard for all employees, and new hire retention grew to over 90%!

And with that, SymTrain was born!

Time Saved with SymTrain

Candidate Assessment (Pre-Qualification)


Agent On-Boarding


Reskilling (Training Agents on New Topics)

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Who we are

Dan McCann
CEO & Chief Learning Officer

Dan is an experienced and dynamic leader. His passion for lifetime learning, growth, and innovation has led him to build symtrain, an SaaS platform which automates the process of role-play and coaching. Symtraining allows employees to apply knowledge, build confidence, and develop skills quickly.

Dan McCann
CEO & Chief Learning Officer
Scott Drake
Chief Technology Officer

Scott is a Technology, Digital Media, and Operations Leader with 20+ years creating and managing world-class technology, product, and business solutions across Broadcast, Mobile, and Emerging Platforms. Scott now resides in New York, NY with his wife and enjoys visits from his three adult children.

Scott Drake
Chief Technology Officer


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