Accelerating Contact Center Onboarding with SymTrain 

Can you visualize cutting speed to green in half? How about lowering 90 day attrition by 35%? Would cutting retraining by 75% help?   

Speeding systematic high performing agent onboarding holds the key to addressing a major concern confronting modern contact centers: employee attrition. A special report by Contact Center Pipeline reveals that over a quarter of contact centers grapple with substantial attrition rates, even in the first 90 days, leading to issues such as prolonged call queues, decreased average handling time (AHT), and ultimately, a drop in customer satisfaction (CSAT) levels.  


That is the reason why innovative brands with strong L&D teams have started to look for ways to bridge staffing shortfalls arising from attrition, ensuring the seamless flow of business operations. To tackle any of these evolving obstacles, a burgeoning range of inventive onboarding and training solutions has emerged, aimed at expediting the learning curve and swiftly orienting new hires.  

Amongst those, automated role-play is one that easily provides tailor-made, immersive learning journeys, empowering agents to rapidly grasp the expertise required for effective customer interactions. 

5 Ways SymTrain’s Automated Role-Play Accelerates Speed to Proficiency and Onboarding  

The SymTrain solution automates audio transcription, sentiment analysis, and content generation, enabling users to swiftly produce and launch top-notch Syms. Five effective ways to use this advantage to accelerate speed to proficiency are:  

Adaptive Learning Pathways  

SymTrain tailors learning pathways based on individual progress and identified areas of improvement. This adaptability ensures a personalized and efficient learning journey, allowing to roll out new processes and resolve communication challenges within hours, culminating in quicker proficiency attainment. 

Immersive Real-Life Rehearsal Environment 

SymTrain offers an immersive environment for new hires to rehearse authentic customer interactions, fostering swift confidence-building and skill development. With the platform, leaders and trainers can create “new training” from call recordings, audio upload, or direct record. This preparation surpasses traditional methods, enabling quicker readiness for real customer engagements. 

Instant Performance Feedback 

Through simulation training, real-time feedback on performance aids new hires in promptly recognizing and rectifying errors. SymTrain curbs the development of unfavorable habits and expedites the learning curve, building confidence and competence. 

Iterative Mastery 

Symtraining enables new hires to repeatedly rehearse diverse customer scenarios, cultivating mastery over the essential skills. Practicing a wide spectrum of scenarios fosters muscle memory and allows “Speed to Green” in 30% less time, with no nesting, leading to swifter and more adept on-the-job performance. 


Insights from Data Analytics

Symtraining tracks vital performance metrics like specific keywords, tone and confidence, allowing agents to achieve an increase of CSAT that can reach 12-15%. By leveraging this data, areas necessitating supplementary training or support are pinpointed, guiding adjustments in the onboarding process orchestrated by contact center leaders. 

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