AI Coaching: The Tool You Didn’t Know Your Team Needed   

We are used to hearing about the importance of coaching in contact centers, however, on many occasions, when comparing monitoring, we find errors that are repeated. That’s when we ask ourselves: is coaching effective? 

For some, coaching is a latent need, but difficult to maintain, due to the infinite number of functions that supervisors have. Others prefer to maintain coaching, despite adversities and optimize the supervisor’s time, assigning this work to the Quality area or to the personnel responsible for monitoring care. Many consulting firms even offer this service as an added value to their Quality measurements. 

One of the most direct ways to evaluate the effectiveness of an agent coaching program is to observe how performance evolves over time. For experienced agents who have been in their current role for more than six months, metrics like average handle time or customer satisfaction should show an overall upward trend, but the truth is that many contact centers around the world are struggling with slow or no improvements in KPI performance and high variability between agents. 

Coaching plays a critical role in improving agent performance and the overall customer experience. It goes beyond mere supervision. It’s about empowering agents to excel in their roles. Coaching is also important to enhance self-confidence, work performance, relationships, and communication skills. According to business expert, Luisa Zhou, about 80% of individuals receiving coaching report increased self-confidence, and 70% see improvements in performance and communication.  

The Advantage of AI Coaching 

A McKinsey survey highlights that effective coaching in call centers can improve performance metrics by up to 12%. This statistic underscores the significant impact that targeted, data-driven coaching strategies can have on agent productivity and customer satisfaction. In that sense, digital tools, like online platforms, coaching software, or AI Coaching apps can provide a much higher level of sophistication and detail to agent performance analysis, allowing supervisors to see how their agents perform across multiple performance indicators and call types, then can focus their coaching interventions. on the issues that will improve the agent’s performance. 

More advanced companies are now applying techniques such as smart action boards and digital delivery, to support coaching across the hierarchy. These companies track coach performance with the same rigor they apply to frontline staff, monitoring indicators such as time spent training, 360-degree feedback on training effectiveness, and improvement in team performance with time. 

Intelligent Coaching is Now Possible 

SymTrain leads the way in personalized coaching solutions. Leveraging advanced tools like automated simulation creation, ingestion of call recordings and QA data, SymTrain deploys an Intelligent Coaching approach that ensures coaching is specific and actionable. 

SymTrain also employs generative AI conversation design and targeted individual lessons to enable supervisors to effectively address behavior improvements. Its solutions are straightforward to implement, requiring just minutes to set up. By aligning coaching exercises with QA data and established call structures, the tool maintains a comprehensive view of performance metrics and sentiment analysis, enabling data-driven coaching initiatives that yield results. 

Beyond customization, SymTrain aims for tangible improvements in key performance indicators (KPIs). Its coaching method is finely tuned to target behaviors and skills directly impacting performance metrics. With the ability to monitor sentiment and align coaching exercises with performance KPIs, SymTrain ensures a holistic approach to agent development. 

Thanks to this, SymTrain’s clients experience significant financial benefits, with an average monthly savings of $1,000 per agent. This achievement is driven by a dynamic combination: the efficient use of simulations to automate resource-intensive coaching, leading to significant cost reductions, coupled with a notable reduction in many performance metrics. 

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