AI Coaching to Improve Patient Experience

Soft skills have become increasingly important in the call center industry, particularly in industries such as healthcare. According to a study by Hiver, more than 21% of customers suggest that healthcare call centers should have empathetic support teams, and approximately 50% of callers prefer empathetic agents.

In these centers, where agents handle emotionally charged and sensitive issues, mastering skills like empathy, active listening, or compassion is essential. These qualities are what distinguish top-performing agents today. Customers expect more than just transactional interactions; they want agents who understand their unique situations and can offer tailored solutions promptly and effectively. This level of service can be challenging, especially for new agents who are still developing their emotional intelligence compared to more experienced ones.

Proper training and ongoing coaching are crucial. They ensure that agents, both new and tenured, are equipped to deliver the superior level of service expected in these demanding fields. Without this foundation, agents may struggle to meet customer expectations, resulting in potential gaps in service quality and customer satisfaction.

Why Patient Experience Matters

At the heart of it all, patient experience isn’t just about transactions, it’s about building trust and satisfaction. When healthcare agents excel in empathy or active listening, they create meaningful connections with patients. This connection reflects an organization’s commitment to caring for patients beyond mere transactions. From enrollment through account resolution, each interaction becomes an opportunity to touch and improve patient lives, boosting trust in the brand.

By prioritizing soft skills in training, agents can better meet patient expectations for personalized, efficient service. This approach not only improves satisfaction and loyalty but also strengthens a company’s reputation. It’s about ensuring every patient interaction contributes positively to their overall experience and supports long-term growth and success.

AI Coaching in Healthcare

AI coaching helps prepare new hires to know what they are going to face and how to face it before they even interact with their first live patient. SymTrain utilizes AI to design conversations and create targeted lessons, enabling team leads and QA analysts to quickly teach empathy and other soft skills.

Tenured healthcare agents also use AI coaching to correct common or recurrent mistakes and to perfect their call skills. Healthcare providers can now effectively train their entire workforce when launching a new health product, patient service, or business practice, compared to outdated methods like huddles or relying solely on knowledge articles.

Research shows that people learn most effectively through hands-on experiences, with the majority of learning happening when they actively engage in tasks and practice new skills. SymTrain’s AI coaching operates within a simulated environment, providing healthcare agents with realistic coaching scenarios without the risk, cost, or challenges associated with using real patient data. This allows staff to learn and make mistakes in a safe setting, leading to better preparation and performance when handling actual patient interactions.

Traditional coaching methods often require extensive time and resources. In contrast, SymTrain can be launched quickly and with minimal expense. This rapid deployment enables healthcare contact centers to start reaping the benefits of improved staff performance almost immediately. This efficiency means that healthcare agents can quickly build their skills and deliver higher quality care to patients, without the delays and costs associated with traditional training methods.

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