AI-Powered Simulations in Agent Training — A BPO’s Guide

The use of AI-powered simulations has brought significant advancements to agent training for business process outsourcing (BPO) organizations. These simulations provide an immersive and realistic environment for agents to practice and enhance their skills at handling the wide variety and rapidly changing types of interactions that are so common in the BPO space.

By leveraging AI-powered role-play technologies, BPOs create virtual scenarios that closely mimic real-life situations, allowing agents to gain valuable, hands-on experience before they roll out to service new clients. Think of it as batting practice for agents. You give them a few swings at customer conversations in the batting cages, measure their readiness, and ensure they are ready to knock it out of the park on game day.

Targeted Learning

Call centers are witnessing a big demographic shift; today’s BPO employs individuals from as many as four or even five different generations, an unprecedented state of affairs, says

Most call center agents are young people, who — due to the rise in, and preference for messaging — may lack the on-the-phone experience of previous generations. But their coaches, often a member of a different generation, may not relate to their thumbs-first communication preference. Luckily SymTrain makes it easy for operators to tailor learning to the needs of every generation since it brings a hands-on training approach that provides learning content precisely when and how agents require it. Not only does this innovative training solution use bite-sized simulations designed to target specific learning outcomes adjusting to the average attention span, it provides Gen-Zers the real-time voice experience they missed during high school. 

For instance, SymTrain offers easily digestible scenarios that can be accessed independently or as part of a short module for a specific product or service. The efficacy of targeted learning in enhancing knowledge retention among new employees is key when preparing agents, resulting in a reduction in overall training time per individual. With SymTrain’s AI-powered simulations, young learners can benefit from targeted, hands-on, and efficient training experiences.

SymTrain's builds simulations that appeal to the learning needs of a younger population.

SymTrain’s Potential for Gamification

We’ve never met a BPO operator who didn’t love the impact gamification makes on their contact center performance, and by extension, bottom line. Gamified training programs are not only effective for BPOs in terms of operating costs, but they also appeal to the learning needs of a younger population. And when customers use SymTrain to score against benchmarks, agents naturally begin to compete over who comes up to speed the quickest. Gamification made easy.

Recognizing the Gen-Z and Millennial inclination towards instant gratification, rewards, and social interaction, SymTrain offers the possibility to integrate gamified elements into the training process through simulation. Agents won’t feel they are being tested; instead, they will love to practice. 

By incorporating rewards and social engagement to the simulations, SymTrain delivers an engaging and interactive learning experience that aligns with the preferences of younger generations. This approach enhances their responsiveness and motivation, resulting in more effective training outcomes.

With targeted or microlearning, and the potential to reach Gen-Z and Millennial learning styles through the endless possibilities of game-like simulation, SymTrain is able to impact BPO companies in key indicators such as FCR (first contact resolution) and AHT (average handle time) in a way that hasn’t been done before. All while reducing time to proficiency by as much as 50% and saving the average 5,000 seat BPO up to $32K a day.

SymTrain proves itself as the best upcoming solution for training and coaching.

In this regard, SymTrain has emerged as a solution that automates agent training and coaching for contact centers using AI-powered simulations. SymTrain brings about a significant increase in the speed at which agents become proficient thanks to advanced agent training possibilities, leading to notable cost savings for your organization. 

AI-powered simulations offer several benefits, including reduced training time and costs, personalized feedback, and real-time performance analytics. Agents can learn at their own pace, receive targeted guidance, and track their progress effectively. 

Moreover, these simulations provide a safe space for agents to practice challenging customer interactions, enabling them to build confidence and develop effective communication skills, driving overall performance in BPO operations.

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