The Benefits of an Immersive CX Training Experience

What is immersive learning?

Immersive learning is a technique that teachers have utilized for many years to help students gain a better understanding of the content and improve retention rates of what they are learning. When applied to the workplace, immersive CX training prepares new employees for real-world scenarios they will encounter, but in a simulated environment. SymTrain presents experiential learning opportunities through hands-on practice. Allowing people to have several attempts to work through each scenario has proven to give students a better grasp of the content. However, our training platform takes it one step further. In addition to giving people the time and space to work through each skill, they also receive guided practice and AI coaching to help them achieve skill mastery.

What are the benefits?

People learn more efficiently through the process of doing. Studies show that immersive learning enhances cognitive skills and understanding, improves memory, and increases problem-solving skills. Therefore, SymTrain has created a training platform that gives people the chance to perform and apply what they are learning in realistic workplace scenarios. Furthermore, it allows agents the time and space they need to build the confidence and competencies they need to reach proficiency faster. Step by step, it adds to and builds upon their existing knowledge and skills. Once you build your Sym library, your employees will have ample opportunities to practice with these self-paced learning simulations.

How does SymTrain deliver immersive CX training?

SymTrain’s platform recreates many real-life scenarios that agents will encounter when they are working with live customers. Rather than having them learn in real-time, our Syms provide people a safe space to practice, make mistakes, and correct themselves with the guidance of our intuitive AI, Coach Sym. With our AI coaching, agents receive targeted and immediate feedback to help determine what they are doing well and identify areas for improvement. And, they can repeat each lesson as many times as they wish, until they feel comfortable with the content and ready to move on to the next skill. The level of assistance can also be adjusted to help agents become more autonomous until they can successfully complete each scenario on their own. Adding automated role-plays to your curriculum will transform your training and help agents reach skill mastery faster by delivering an immersive CX training experience.

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