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SymTrain is a committed ally to our valued BPO partners, and we go beyond just providing cutting-edge solutions. We believe in true collaboration, and that’s why we’re proud to support our BPO partners with co-marketing investments. 

When you partner with SymTrain you will reduce retraining costs, improve SLA adherence with agent performance, and convert an investment in AI Coaching into a revenue generating profit center. Here’s a list of what you will get from this partner program:

  1. Attract new customers but also achieve a 10% performance boost
  2. Expedite hiring by 22%
  3. Fast track speed to green by 40%

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Navigating The Challenges Together: SymTrain's Solution For BPO Success

Recognizing the inherent challenges within the BPO industry, SymTrain has developed a strategic Partner Program for their customers:

High Attrition Rates

BPOs frequently struggle with high agent attrition rates due to the demanding nature of the job. Repetitive tasks, intense performance pressure, and relatively low job satisfaction can lead to frequent agent attrition, which in turn requires constant recruitment and training efforts.

Save Millions in Retraining

Inadequate Training and Coaching

Providing comprehensive hands-on training with situational learning to apply knowledge is time consuming increasing the cost to prepare agents to perform. BPOs struggle to scale and deliver ongoing training and coaching without adding operational cost making it harder tomeet quality and performance standards. 

Scale Coaching with AI

Technological Challenges

Agents in the BPO industry often work with various software applications and systems. Lack of adequate system knowledge can impede an agent’s ability to deliver effective service, leading to customer dissatisfaction.

Master Technology

Optimize your team’s performance with automated coaching, elevate productivity, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost efficiency.
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Benefits of the SymTrain BPO Partner Program

By recognizing the value of partnering with the right allies, companies can harness many advantages to streamline their operations,
tap into specialized knowledge or expand their reach. SymTrain’s BPO Partnership Program can bring these significant advantages for companies: 

Discounted Usage

Maximize savings while boosting profitability by enjoying the benefit of cost savings and increased affordability.

New Service Offering

BPO’s can now generate income from delivering Training as a Service to our mutual customers.

Services & Referrals Revenue

We're your partners in success, our partners benefit from growth with a referral program that pays huge dividends.

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SymTrain's BPO Partner Program Turns Cost to Profit

In the world of BPO, one of the biggest challenges are the tight profit margins. Any technical investment typically means additional expenses for BPO companies, which they’re often hesitant to take on as it becomes a cost center. 

SymTrain changed the game by introducing the BPO Partner Program. Instead of being a financial burden, we turn collaborations into a profit center for BPOs. This means you can actually make money by bringing in SymTrain, and it’s not just a promise; there are real dollars to be saved. From saving millions in retraining to adding managed services with Training as a Service and ultimatelyachieving referral revenues our BPO Partners generate profits from the SymTrain partnership.

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