Increase Your CSAT Scores by 12-15%

Targeted Moments Simulations for Great Performance

Agents need to master communication skills really fast to effortlessly tackle any customer challenges that come their way, no matter what their line of business might be. Improve your team’s performance with a game-changing AI-powered solution: SymTrain.

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Industry Challenges

High Attrition Rates

Contact centers frequently struggle with high attrition rates due to the demanding nature of the job. Repetitive tasks, intense performance pressure, and relatively low job satisfaction can lead to frequent agent attrition, which in turn requires constant recruitment and training efforts.

Inadequate Training and Onboarding

Companies struggle with providing comprehensive training and onboarding programs for new agents. This can result in agents being ill-prepared to handle customer inquiries and meet quality standards, leading to lower customer satisfaction and increased errors.

Technological Challenges

Agents in professional services often work with various complex software applications and systems. The lack of adequate system knowledge can impede an agent's ability to deliver effective service, leading to customer dissatisfaction.

World Class Agents Through the Power of Automated Role-Play

While different companies that offer professional, business or field services, may  direct to different customer profiles, there’s not one client that would say no to a class full of top performers. Train for success with SymTrain!

Critical Thinking

Have your agents analyzing, evaluating, and reasoning for informed decision-making with automated role-play.

Strong Soft Skills

SymTrain empowers those non-technical abilities that agents need to practice thoroughly to face live customers.

Permanent Upskilling

With SymTrain you guarantee the continuous update of your training program for enduring account growth.

Solutions that Reduce Your Retraining Expenses by 50% in 6 to 9 months

Call Scenarios Exposure

Prepare your workforce for a wide range of real interactions, different caller emotions, ages, or genders.

Immediate Feedback

Symtrain’s scoring system makes sure your agents possess an unrivaled understanding of your client’s products.

Top Customer Service

Make sure to offer the best customer support, accurate, efficient, and empathetic with SymTrain.

Achieve System Efficiency

Whether you use a billing system, or a reservation software, your agents will get it faster than any other type of training.

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Benchmark Your Workforce with Easy to Grasp Feedback

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Shortening the Training Window

Following SymTrain’s implementation trainers have successfully reduced the training cycle by three days, making it a few days process, and the attrition rate has dramatically decreased for many of our clients, in some cases with only three new hires lost in 30 days compared to the projected eight.

In other cases, SymTrain has been able to hire up to 800 agents and get them ready to take calls within 24 hours, thanks to a groundbreaking approach to emergency response training.

Leave no room for your customers to be the practice


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