BPO Wins New Customer

By reducing training from 3 days to 1 day with AI Coaching

Emergency Response Training: Lightning-Fast Onboarding 

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses depend on efficient and proficient emergency response teams to guarantee the safety and well-being of their customers, members, constituents, and employees. With every second being critical in emergency situations, the capability to rapidly onboard, train, and certify new agents for effective performance is of utmost importance. Enter a game-changer for this BPO, which had a team of 800 agents hired and prepared to take calls within 24 hours, thanks to SymTrain’s groundbreaking approach to emergency response training. 

The Need for Speed in an Emergency Response 

Imagine a scenario where a major event unfolds, and an emergency response team is urgently needed. Whether it’s a natural disaster, a medical emergency, or a security breach, time is of the essence. Companies cannot afford to subject their emergency response teams to weeks of training before they can be deployed effectively. 

Recognizing this critical need, Etech, a leading BPO, embarked on a journey to redefine the training and onboarding process for emergency response agents. Their innovative approach involves leveraging existing call recordings to create ever-changing content for practice exercises. These exercises enable new hire agents not only to learn about the calls they will be handling within a few short hours but also to build the confidence and skills needed to handle almost any situation presented by customers requiring the highest level of empathy. 

Simulated Role Play Exercises: The Key to Rapid Onboarding 

The secret to Etech’s success lies in their pioneering use of simulated role-play exercises. Rather than relying solely on traditional classroom-style training, the company developed a highly immersive and practical approach to onboarding new agents. 

Through a blend of SymTrain’s cutting-edge technology and Etech extensive industry expertise they created realistic, real-time emergency scenarios that allow trainees to step into the shoes of seasoned emergency response professionals within hours vs. days or weeks. These simulations can cover a wide range of emergency situations, from medical emergencies and natural disasters to security breaches and more. Trainees are presented with lifelike scenarios where they must make critical decisions and respond swiftly and effectively to changing circumstances. 

Lightning-Fast Onboarding: Less Than One Day 

The results speak for themselves. Thanks to Etech’s simulated role-play exercises, they can now train and onboard new agents in less than one day. Yes, one day. This remarkable achievement has enabled their clients to quickly bolster their emergency response teams with capable professionals, ensuring readiness for any crisis. 

The accelerated onboarding process doesn’t compromise on quality or preparedness. In fact, trainees emerge from the program with practical experience and a deep understanding of how to handle various emergency situations. This not only saves valuable time but also increases the confidence and competence of the emergency response teams. 

The Outcome: Winning a New Customers 

One of the most impressive success stories of Etech’s approach involves a recent partnership with a prominent emergency response company that is required to onboard upwards of 1,800 agents with very little to no warning time. This company had been searching for a BPO partner capable of providing rapid onboarding for its emergency response agents. Traditional training methods were proving too slow for their needs, and they needed a solution that could match the urgency of their mission. 

By combining the effectiveness of SymTrain’s simulated role-play exercises with Etech’s understanding of the contact center requirements this partner was convinced they found the perfect partner. The speed and realism of the training, combined with Etech’s track record of excellence, made the decision clear. They tested the emergency response capabilities on multiple occasions onboarding actual agents for a simulated emergency with simulations and achieved the outcomes proving these agents were ready to respond to any crisis quickly and effectively. 

The Future of Training & Coaching 

Etech and SymTrain’s innovative approach to emergency response training and onboarding serves as a beacon of hope for businesses seeking to enhance their readiness for unforeseen events or simply shorten the time to proficiency for training, retraining, and coaching. By harnessing technology and real-world simulations, they have established a new standard in the BPO industry, demonstrating that speed and quality can coexist. 

Amidst ongoing debates regarding the merits and impact of AI on contact center operations, BPOs are now witnessing a groundbreaking application of this technology that transforms the way agents are trained and coached for real job scenarios. Every customer is unique with varying learning requirements, but the ability to prepare emergency response agents in less than one day, with scenarios created in minutes, will not only help acquire new customers but also redefine the standard for delivery costs, resulting in annual savings of millions of dollars for every BPO. 

Call SymTrain to learn more about deploying their groundbreaking technology with an even more groundbreaking BPO Partner Program.  According to Dan McCann CEO and Chief Learning Officer of SymTrain: 

“Tech partnerships should be a profit center for BPOs not a cost center. We are excited that our BPO Partners are not only saving millions of dollars of operating costs, but are also adding millions of dollars in revenue.”