FRONTLINE Selling uses SymTrain Automated Role-Play and Coaching


The Benefits of SymTrain Automated Role-Play and Coaching to FRONTLINE Selling

Spoiler Alert: FRONTLINE Selling experienced 100% improvement in time to proficiency!


We needed to scale Business Development Reps from 15 to 32 in three months. FRONTLINE Selling had great training around a proven methodology that every BDR followed. When FRONTLINE added a boost to new hire training with managers reinforcing training and subject matter experts providing one-on-one shadowing, productivity actually declined. FRONTLINE found new reps veered away from the process and approach in exchange for imitating shortcuts and tricks experienced reps incorporated into their workflows, thus having a negative impact on results, and worse, the ability to isolate the problem and remediate it.


Leveraging SymTrain, FRONTLINE provided reinforcement and one-on-one shadowing with simulations vs. managers and SMEs, and added simulated role-plays for them to learn how to better support more experienced representatives. New hires practiced until they achieved mastery-level scoring on both what the BDRs were saying and also how they were saying it without any trainer, manager, or SME oversight or support.

By reinforcing training on process and methodology through SymTrain, new hires were learning faster than in prior classes. And, they were showing increased confidence and were executing as consistently as the top BDRs, even surpassing existing production records. BDRs felt like they were being supported without judgment and ultimately assimilated into the existing teams faster with better outcomes for all.

Managers were able to monitor their team’s performance during each simulated conversation and provide effective feedback based on scores and recorded results.


Overall productivity surpassed all expectations, delivering record results for new hires that also elevated the overall performance of the more experienced teams.

“Managers love the visibility and coaching opportunities that SymTrain has automated, and our BDRs benefit from the simplicity of the application, ease of use, flexibility, and training reinforcement of selling situations. We have calculated a 100% improvement in time to proficiency with our new hires while managers and SMEs are spending more time on client-facing delivery. We never accounted for overall improvement, but we increased our monthly output across the entire organization. I am not sure how we would have produced these results without the use of simulation for coaching and training.”

Mike Scher
Founder and Chairman