NTG (Nolan Transportation Group)

Learn How SymTrain Helped NTG Reduce Training Time From Weeks to Days


In 2019, Nolan Transportation Group (NTG) developed and executed a fast-paced, in-person approach to training. The one-week, in-person event was designed for their new sales hires so they could learn, practice, and meet peers across the entire company twice a year. It provided new hires with real-life job scenarios.

However, since the exercises were all manual activities, they were only able to attempt a few practice scenarios. In addition, managers spent considerable time outside of the office before, during, and after training to make certain there was adequate repetition, feedback, and reinforcement for all their new hires. The existing solution was not scalable and impacted normal operations, as well as in-role sales broker coaching efforts.


When the pandemic arrived, NTG was already looking for virtual training solutions that allowed for more repetitions but were still engaging. However, Covid-19 accelerated the need, so they added SymTraining to their new hire sales training.

The goal was to digitize role-play and coaching exercises to reduce the total number of structured training hours needed with managers from 12 to 3 hours. Meanwhile, they needed to maintain the same level of high quality, personalized/in-depth training for their new hires. And, we wanted to give the same experience to employees at Transportation
Insights (TI)!


With SymTraining, new hires could run through 10-15 exercises in 30 minutes, rather than the 1-2 exercises they had been doing before.

SymTrain also offers unlimited repetitions for situational training in any location, and managers can reduce their total time commitment pre and post-new hire training from weeks to days. This enables them to effectively split their time between their new sales brokers and their existing teams.

As a result, NTG and TI were able to maintain the positive, social impact of teams getting to know each other and the business while increasing new hire confidence and skills development to perform better than before. By increasing engagement, new hires were able to perform better and faster than the manual alternative approach, leading to greater satisfaction and improved retention levels.

With SymTrain as a partner, TI and NTG’s world-class training only got better and as SymTrain’s library increases, the impact is increasing with each quarter as new, digitized, situational training exercises are added.

-Natalie Cook, VP of Talent Development