The Benefits of SymTrain Automated Role-Play and Coaching to an AT&T BPO (Business Process Outsourcer)

Pre-Hire Assessment Use Case

Spoiler Alert: Reduced the time it took for agents to “grasp concepts” from weeks to days.


An AT&T BPO service provider needed to produce results within 30 days with a staff of 25 new agents in order to maintain SLA and continue a contract. The BPO service provider was in this position due to extended time to proficiency related to extensive early stage attrition of the last three new hire classes. In exit interviews, there appeared to be a disconnect with new hires on expectations and how well those new hires could perform the job requirements.


The BPO service provider leveraged SymTrain to create two new and additional interview steps in their recruiting process as follows:

  1. Expectations Questionnaire
    1. After initial screening and passing the phone interview, candidates conducted a SymTrain interview with five questions around the following:
      1. Expectations
      2. Daily Job Functions
      3. Technology & Workflow
    2. Candidates had to obtain a keyword and enthusiasm score to be invited to a second interview.
  2. Role-Play Skills Asse
    1. After passing the second interview and before scheduling a final interview, candidates were provided three role-play scenarios via SymTrain:
      1. Greeting
      2. Review of Offer
      3. Objection Handling
    2. Candidates were scored on the number of practice attempts, abandonment, positivity, and overall mood.


Hiring Managers were able to screen three times as many candidates using SymTrain than without SymTrain. New hires were able to grasp general concepts within the first two days vs. two weeks before using SymTrain. Trainers managed to cut three days off of a 10-day training cycle. And, they only lost three new hires in 30 days vs. the eight projected, and better yet vs. the 15 out of the prior 25 new hires. The BPO service provider extend a $2,000,000 contract due to securing SLA measures across the entire team of new hires and existing agents while reducing the cost of service by a projected $275,000.

Feedback from one of the AT&T trainees on the first day when asked for feedback on the pre-hire simulator: “It was simple, purposeful, and effective software.”

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