The Benefits of SymTrain Automated Role-Play and Coaching to SalonScripts – New Hire Use Case

Spoiler Alert: SymTrain Helped SalonScripts solve their “biggest operational issue.”


Onboarding new salon employees to support our culture, customer experience, and perform effectively has been one of our biggest challenges. It takes a lot of time, takes us away from customers, and is really hard for all of us to deliver consistent feedback to new hires. The worst part for us is not providing enough reinforcement and role-play activities for new hires.

The problem with our new hires shadowing existing employees is they hear a lot of differing opinions and feedback. And then they are left to figure out exactly how to perform their job quickly enough to maintain optimal customer experience and employee satisfaction. Unfortunately, that often leads to attrition and having to start the process all over again.


Leveraging SalonScripts, we provide new hires actual job scenarios to practice, and see how well they performed at their own pace and as often as needed. We tell them it does not matter how many times it takes them to build confidence with different SalonScript situations. All that matters is that they develop the skills and increase their confidence to perform their job. By automating a lot of the onboarding process, we are able to assess how well they are progressing along the way while saving our owner and managers hours everyday.

We have also recently repurposed these training scenarios to convert to advanced assessments by removing the guidance and are assessing our in-role stylists, managers, and front desk personnel.


New hires actually shared joy for having exposure to real job functions that they can practice in order to improve how well they perform their new job.

“I love the visibility SalonScripts provides me, my managers, and our owner into how well new hires are progressing and how often they are performing SalonScripts. Not only has SalonScripts helped us solve our biggest operational issue, we are doing it with less internal resources and less confusion, which means we have more time for customers. It’s a game changer.”

VP of Operations