The Training Dilemma of Work From Home Employees

The ability to work from home has quickly become one of the most sought-after benefits for employees. Each year, more people are seeking positions that offer at least a partial work from home schedule, with over 52% of Americans already working from home at least once a week. And when you look at international trends, 16% of global companies have fully embraced the change and only hire remote workers. However, many are experiencing high attrition rates and are struggling to design a training program that leads to skill mastery. SymTrain provides a way to help you solve this training dilemma for work at home employees.

The Draw to Work@Home

During the pandemic, many workers transitioned out of physical offices into the work from home environment. After this change, people discovered they had more freedom and control over where, when, and how they work. It also afforded them greater flexibility to meet the demands of their personal and professional lives. People also found more time for the things that matter most since they no longer had to commute. Many businesses also embraced it, seeing a new way to reduce expenses since they didn’t need to support as many people on-site.

More Convenience, Less Connection

No one can deny the conveniences and advantages that remote work offers. However, convenience comes at a price. There is a more significant disconnect between leadership and the employees who support the company. Many report feeling more isolated and out of touch, and therefore less attuned to the company culture.

Performance has also suffered since the traditional training curriculum doesn’t translate well to a virtual environment. Since classroom techniques are less effective when training remotely, agents feel less confident and less prepared. This ultimately results in higher attrition rates and job abandonment if agents don’t feel they are capable of performing the job they were hired to do.

More Convenience, Less Connection

One way trainers are helping to span the virtual disconnect is by embracing the digital tools at their disposal. SymTrain’s automated role-plays now offer a new way to support your trainers and give agents the extra practice they need without dedicating more time or resources than necessary.

Your trainers become more effective since they can offload repetitive tasks to the AI. With SymTrain’s automated role-plays, they don’t have to spend valuable time doing one-by-one role-play scenarios in class. Instead, agents can now complete this on their own time. By automating these aspects of training, trainers can dedicate more attention to difficult content and support struggling agents.

Automated role-plays also allow you to emphasize and practice the skills your agents need to be successful in their position. You can customize your scenarios and recreate real-life situations to better prepare your agents. And since you are no longer limited to the training schedule, each person can practice outside of classroom time and have more attempts to complete each sym. 

With your own library of Syms, agents can work at their own pace, and repeat the interactions until they feel confident. And, the material will always be available to more seasoned agents who may need a refresher course. So no matter where your agents are in their SymTraining, the automated role-plays offer one more way to solve the training dilemma of work at home employees.

Methods for More Effective Coaching at Scale

As the workforce transitions to remote and hybrid environments, many companies are facing the challenges of how to adapt their training programs. One way that SymTrain is transforming virtual training is by offering more effective coaching at scale.

A Standardized Approach to Coaching

One of the most valuable features of SymTrain is that it creates a standardized approach to coaching. In addition to offering more consistency in the criteria and feedback, it develops and holds all employees to the same standards of achievement. SymTrain also allows you to compare progress for the individual or across a larger group. Once you have the baseline requirements, it is easier to pinpoint improvement areas.

Reduction in the Time and Cost to Train Employees

The time and cost benefits are important factors that make SymTrain so effective. SymTrain saves your training departments hundreds of hours in labor costs. Trainers no longer have to dedicate as much time to practicing role-plays, reviewing performance, and giving feedback since it is automatically generated. They now have more time to focus their energy on efforts that have a greater impact on overall performance. And since it is an AI-guided training, your employees can log as many hours as needed to practice different Syms. Each time they engage in realistic work scenarios and practice the skills required for their position, the better prepared they will become to handle live calls. Once you create your Sym library, you also have access to one more resource for ongoing training. This adds immense value to your training program. And with no limit to the number of users, it is easily scalable for companies of all sizes.

Self-Paced Practice for Skill Mastery

SymTrain also provides many advantages for your employees. It can be difficult to manage a team that learns at different paces. However, automated role-plays help to overcome this obstacle and provide one more tool to support them. For those who require more practice, it gives them real-life scenarios they can run through as many times as necessary. Allowing people to work at their own pace builds confidence and leads to skill mastery for more of your employees.

An Effective Platform for Ongoing Training

Although the emphasis is focused on new-hire training and the onboarding process, SymTrain offers an effective platform for ongoing training as well. With the automated role-plays, you can roll it out to your entire CX team when you require immediate training or upskilling. And, you can quickly deliver annual HIPAA compliance training across large groups of agents. And don’t forget, you are creating an entire Sym library which can be revisited and practiced whenever refreshers are needed. Utilizing quick-hit role-plays to highlight a single aspect of training is another excellent way to reinforce skills. And, you can always create new training programs when you implement a new process or product. Having a digital tool like SymTrain at your disposal allows you to optimize performance and offer more effective training at scale.

Performance-Based Work Requires Automation

The workforce is in transition and so are our training methods. Before Covid-19, most training took place in the classroom. However, as more agents work remotely, companies have had to adapt and find new ways to effectively train new hires. As training programs continue to develop in the virtual environment, many people are seeing that performance-based work requires automation.

The Challenges of Training Remotely

With more work-from-home positions, it is becoming harder to train and retain employees. Attrition rates are higher than ever and fewer people are completing their training period or successfully transitioning into their new roles.

There are several factors to consider that make it harder to recruit and engage with people in a remote environment. The lack of physical interactions makes it more difficult to accurately gauge their comprehension and provide coaching. Furthermore, trainers have less time to dedicate to individual practice with each trainee.

This often leads to agents being thrust into their positions prematurely, before they are ready to perform the job they were hired to do. People need more reinforcement and feedback before they are put into real-life scenarios. Rather than letting them learn on real customers and negatively impact the customer experience, SymTrain offers automated role-plays to increase competency and support your new hires during the training process.

The Impacts of Automation

Automation is transforming the way we train. And, it can drastically reduce your training time and costs. Not only does this make the training methods more effective, but it’s also a more effective strategy for resource management. It offloads time-consuming responsibilities from trainers so they can focus on other aspects and give more personalized attention to those who need it. 

Having agents practice workplace scenarios outside of the classroom also provides more time for individual practice and performance support. And, it gives people the freedom to work at their own pace. In addition to higher proficiency and faster skill mastery, it also builds their confidence in system navigation and overall level of preparedness. The automated role-plays will allow you to onboard new agents even faster and ensure they are ready to interact with customers.

Why Performance-Based Work Requires Automation

Adding a certain level of automation to your training program will not only help your trainers become more impactful but also allow you to apply your methods at scale more effectively. It creates a performance standard that is consistent for all employees and can be applied to all levels of learning. Automation gives you a repeatable and consistent experience that can be scaled across large populations.

Furthermore, the AI, which we call Coach Sym, uses the same criteria to assess employees’ performance and provides targeted, immediate feedback to ensure that everyone receives the same training. And as they complete these role-plays, you can use this information to monitor progress for the individual or compare it across groups. These tools will allow you to pinpoint areas where you are doing well and where they need improvement.

Automation can be a powerful tool. And with SymTrain’s innovative training solutions, it will help you achieve the results you need faster and for a fraction of the cost.

The Benefits of an Immersive CX Training Experience

What is immersive learning?

Immersive learning is a technique that teachers have utilized for many years to help students gain a better understanding of the content and improve retention rates of what they are learning. When applied to the workplace, immersive CX training prepares new employees for real-world scenarios they will encounter, but in a simulated environment. SymTrain presents experiential learning opportunities through hands-on practice. Allowing people to have several attempts to work through each scenario has proven to give students a better grasp of the content. However, our training platform takes it one step further. In addition to giving people the time and space to work through each skill, they also receive guided practice and AI coaching to help them achieve skill mastery.

What are the benefits?

People learn more efficiently through the process of doing. Studies show that immersive learning enhances cognitive skills and understanding, improves memory, and increases problem-solving skills. Therefore, SymTrain has created a training platform that gives people the chance to perform and apply what they are learning in realistic workplace scenarios. Furthermore, it allows agents the time and space they need to build the confidence and competencies they need to reach proficiency faster. Step by step, it adds to and builds upon their existing knowledge and skills. Once you build your Sym library, your employees will have ample opportunities to practice with these self-paced learning simulations.

How does SymTrain deliver immersive CX training?

SymTrain’s platform recreates many real-life scenarios that agents will encounter when they are working with live customers. Rather than having them learn in real-time, our Syms provide people a safe space to practice, make mistakes, and correct themselves with the guidance of our intuitive AI, Coach Sym. With our AI coaching, agents receive targeted and immediate feedback to help determine what they are doing well and identify areas for improvement. And, they can repeat each lesson as many times as they wish, until they feel comfortable with the content and ready to move on to the next skill. The level of assistance can also be adjusted to help agents become more autonomous until they can successfully complete each scenario on their own. Adding automated role-plays to your curriculum will transform your training and help agents reach skill mastery faster by delivering an immersive CX training experience.

Training Empathy Through AI Coaching

SymTrain sets itself apart from the competition by implementing AI at a level that has never been seen before in automated role-plays. Our training methods are not only more effective in teaching call fundamentals but also in training empathy through AI coaching.

Utilizing AI Coaching for Automated Role-Plays

Our intelligent AI, Coach Sym, listens and evaluates the performance of each role-play as your agents complete them. In addition to assessing knowledge and proficiency in systems navigation, it also uses voice analysis to detect accuracy, tone, and empathy. 

As your agents go through each scenario, Coach Sym offers guidance and feedback during the simulation. Then, it generates targeted and immediate feedback, highlighting which call elements were done well and where there is room for improvement.

Moving Beyond Call Fundamentals

Many programs can accurately assess the use of keywords and efficiency in systems navigation, but few move beyond the call fundamentals. However, Coach Sym provides greater insights into an agent’s performance and assists in training empathy through AI coaching. 

Signaling and listening for the use of keywords and phrases will allow you to hone in on teaching the soft skills of customer service. This intuitive assessment also lets you tailor your coaching strategy and offer personalized support where each person needs it.

The Importance of Empathy in the Customer Experience 

Our current clients have already witnessed how engaging in these workplace simulations has better prepared their employees for real-world situations. Although their jobs require a high level of knowledge and skill, you can’t ignore the importance of empathy to the customer experience. It plays a crucial role in creating positive customer interactions. 

Learning how to empathize with customers will help your agents to communicate more effectively and increase understanding on both sides of the conversation. Using AI to reinforce these soft skills and practice empathy during simulated role-plays will ensure that your team is ready to deal with difficult situations. Without a doubt, placing a higher emphasis on teaching empathy through AI coaching will lead to better solutions and more satisfied customers.

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