Coaching with Simulated Role-Play

A Game-Changer for Contact Centers

In the face of evolving business demands, there exists a pressing need to elevate the coaching capabilities of supervisors. When recognizing the importance of embedding practice into onboarding and coaching in contact centers it becomes clear that a challenge exists: the scarcity of time and resources to engage in daily 1:1 coaching or role-play sessions with every agent in your workforce.  

Consider this scenario: the traditional approach to coaching involves labor-intensive role-play sessions run by supervisors who may not be the best coaches. While these sessions can be valuable, the reality of allocating sufficient time and resources to role-play on exactly what the agents needs at the time, every day, presents a significant challenge. A market research report by Procedure Flow shows that programs that require 6 to 12 weeks to train and onboard new agents range from $115,200 to $345,600, accounting for 55% of contact centers.  

Furthermore, Screen Steps assures that it typically takes 4-6 months and sometimes longer for reps to be fully proficient. The consequences are profound: Dejected agents attrit, consumers walk, while balance sheets suffer.  

Enter the game-changing concept of Automated Role-Play for contact centers. This innovative approach allows agents to engage in realistic, simulated conversations that provide the necessary practice to navigate customer interactions adeptly. This is where SymTrain steps in as a great solution. 

With its automated role-play capabilities, SymTrain presents a transformative opportunity. By providing agents with a platform for simulated interactions, it ensures that each representative gains the experience they need to handle customer calls with the expertise of a seasoned pro. This practice doesn’t merely foster confidence; it also sharpens the agents’ proficiency in using business applications effectively.  

As a result, agents can begin to multitask seamlessly while interacting with customers. Moreover, SymTrain’s incorporation of AI-powered feedback on aspects like tone and soft skills adds an extra layer of refinement to the process, impacting confidence and competence.  

The advantage of SymTrain lies in its ability to expedite performance enhancement by 3-6% within a mere 60 – 120 days, all without the need for complex integrations. The SymTrain platform brings the benefits of role-play exercises to teams without placing an undue strain on resources, while simultaneously measuring and analyzing the outcomes.  

The insights it provides empower both supervisors and agents, offering a comprehensive understanding of application competency and communication prowess in customer interactions. 

The Dawn of Automated Role-Play: A Paradigm Shift 

Now, a new era beckons. The time has come to capitalize on the results of robust training programs through automation, particularly when it comes to onboarding and coaching contact center teams. The impact of this advancement can be extended to businesses that value excellence, drawing from years of advisory experience, patronage, and admiration. 

With the proven efficacy of SymTrain’s breakthrough automated role-play solution, the possibilities are truly exciting. Businesses can now accelerate their training programs, reducing them in half, and witness tangible improvements in a matter of weeks, rather than months.  

For those prepared to take the leap immediately, a free trial awaits, promising results within just two weeks. The future of training and performance enhancement has arrived, and SymTrain is at the forefront of this evolution. 

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