Practice Complex Collection Scenarios and reduce 3-6% in operating costs

Overcome the shortcomings of hiring and training a proficient team of debt collectors with SymTrain. Enhance your recruitment, training, and overall operational costs to ensure timely recovery of debts and improve agent performance by 7-9%. 

Pain Points

Compliance Training

Agents must be well-versed in federal and state regulations. The training in compliance must involve educating agents about legal obligations, including what they can and cannot say or do during collection calls.

Soft Skills Development

Agents need strong interpersonal and negotiation skills to handle difficult conversations with debtors. They need to convey empathy, active listening, and professionalism to build rapport while addressing debtors' concerns.

Conflict Resolution and De-escalation

Agents must be well trained to handle potentially confrontational or emotional interactions with debtors. Training must include strategies for staying calm under pressure, active listening, and validating emotions.

High Quality Agents for Timely Collections and Diverse Solutions

Credit Card Payments

Agents can practice handling various payment scenarios, such as late payments, disputed charges, or payment plan negotiations.

Housing Loans

Practice simulated conversations with potential borrowers, guiding them through the loan payment process, terms and conditions, and collection requirements.

Personal and Auto Loans

Agents learn to deliver personalized and accurate payment information, knowing which rates apply and when to do repayment calculations.

Insurance Payment

Have them practice real-life interactions with customers, simulating insurance policy charges, claims processing, and charging for policy renewals.

Reduce the Risk of Financial Losses

SymTrain develops top-performing agents even before their first call. Through realistic simulations and personalized feedback, agents gain the expertise and confidence needed to handle real calls, driving 15% improvements in collections outcomes.

Overcome Objections

Make your agents achieve more efficiency when dealing with objections while remaining empathetic

Arrange Payments

Expedite your agent’s skill development to secure payment arrangements without having to hire experts

Avoid Partial Payments

Reduce the high amount of collection calls that don’t result in an actual payment commitment

Whether it’s overcoming objections, setting up payments or presenting a compelling settlement offer, SymTrain equips agents with the knowledge and techniques to navigate these critical scenarios seamlessly.


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