Seize Upselling and Cross-Selling Opportunities and Generate More Revenue

Master Retention with Superior Sales and Service

For contact center agents in the Communications & Media sector, the daily grind isn’t just about answering calls; it’s a complex dance of converting inquiries into successful outcomes, retaining customers through exceptional service, and recognizing opportunities for sales within each interaction.

Navigating these tasks requires not only skill but also the right support and training tools. This is where a solution like SymTrain can make a significant difference. By providing realistic training scenarios and analytics-driven insights, SymTrain helps agents refine their approach to these critical areas, ensuring they are not just meeting, but exceeding their goals in conversions, retention, and service-driven sales.

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Industry Challenges

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Addressing a consistently low Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a significant challenge for most tech support agents. They must work diligently to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Low First Call Resolution Rates

Confronting low average FCR rates is a pressing challenge these days. New agents struggle with problem-solving skills, product knowledge, and communication abilities.

Declining Agent Productivity

Agents struggle to identify and implement call improvements and leverage correctly their available tools and technologies to work more efficiently.

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Training Solutions for High Efficiency in Communications & Media

Device Support

Agents practice until full proficiency in diagnosing and resolving software and hardware issues across a wide range of devices.

Device Education

Agents achieve the knowledge and communication skills to guide customers in choosing the right devices, offering insights into their features and benefits.

Up- and Cross-Sell Programs

Agents excel in identifying opportunities to recommend additional products or services, maximizing revenue while enhancing the customer's overall experience.

System Configuration

Agents become skilled in customizing software and hardware settings to suit customers' needs, ensuring optimal functionality and performance.

Troubleshooting and Repair

Agents become adept at identifying and resolving technical issues, employing diagnostic techniques and repair procedures to get customers' devices and systems working.

Cost Savings and Performance Gains

SymTrain has helped communications service providers deliver results within 30-day timeframes with teams of at least 25 new agents to maintain service level agreements and retain a valuable contract. Trainers have been able to reduce the training cycle by 50% and combat early attrition in those conditions.

Therefore, implementing SymTrain brings substantial cost-saving implications, with the potential to save up to $1,000 per agent each month. By efficiently addressing the learning gap, organizations can significantly reduce training-related expenses while enhancing the knowledge and performance of their agents.

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