How Global Banks Thrive in Today's AI-Based Banking

Reducing Costs and Customer Effort, Improving Compliance and Agent Retention

Discover a game-changer for banks! At SymTrain, we’re transforming the way you serve your customers. Our cutting-edge platform offers tailored training solutions designed to improve your team’s performance. 

Imagine your staff becoming proficient in handling customer interactions about credit card applications, eligibility requirements, credit limits, and billing statements with unmatched precision. SymTrain transforms your workforce into confident experts, ensuring your customers receive top-notch service that keeps them coming back for more.

Want to learn more about how implementing AI solutions is reducing attrition in banking?

Identify Talent with Essential Skills

 By leveraging automated role-play, contact centers can efficiently screen and identify top candidates possessing the critical skills required to excel as customer service agents.

Establish a Measurable Benchmark

 SymTrain’s automated role-play not only identifies talent but also assists in setting a tangible minimum proficiency level for new hires. This benchmark ensures a consistent standard of performance and quality.

Measure Learning and Coaching Program Success

SymTrain’s automated role-play provides a reliable mechanism for gauging the effectiveness and success of continuous learning and coaching initiatives.

Industry Challenges

Overcoming Collections Obstacles

Rising collection rates to enhance profitability, addressing inconsistencies in results across various sites and vendors, and combating high turnover rates in the workforce is a constant struggle.

Managing Compliance Complexity

The high degree of compliance complexity in consumer banking presents a significant hurdle, requiring meticulous attention and expertise to navigate successfully.

Falling NPS Scores

A decline in Net Promoter Scores (NPS) is a clear indicator of diminishing customer satisfaction and loyalty, a critical issue that needs immediate addressing.

High Customer Effort

Soaring customer effort scores reflect the disappointment customers face when interacting with services, an area in urgent need of optimization for better customer experiences.

Legacy System Issues

When facing outdated legacy systems, clients often experience time-consuming and inefficient interactions. This not only hampers productivity but also impacts customer satisfaction.

Training Solutions for Consumer Banking that Are Ready to Go

AI-Driven Micro Learning

Implementing a global micro learning AI coaching solution transforms training efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring agents are well-equipped for their roles.

Streamlining Talent Acquisition

By adopting SymTrain for assessments, it significantly narrows down the candidate pool to those best suited for the role, reducing in-class attrition and optimizing the hiring process.

Curating Custom Roleplay Curriculums

SymTrain focuses on roleplays that enhance agent confidence in dialogues and competence with workflows and software tools, accelerating their readiness for real-world scenarios.

Accelerating Agent Proficiency

Cutting speed to green and lowering in-class attrition, SymTrain’s approach ensures agents are production-ready faster, saving valuable time and resources.

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Remarkable Outcomes with Proven Impact

Rapid Benchmarking for Strategic Insights

Our solution enables the benchmarking of thousands of agents in just a few days, identifying key areas for improvement and driving strategic training initiatives.

Cost-Efficient Screening with Measurable Savings

Our assessments have reduced screening efforts by 40%, saving $150 per hired agent, and a 25% reduction in in-class attrition, amounting to savings of $4 million.

Maximizing Agent Productivity & Cost Savings

Agents achieve full proficiency faster, saving $1 million in quarterly nesting costs. By avoiding practice on actual customers, we enhance collection rates and overall efficiency.

Elevating Effectiveness with AI Coaching

Implementing AI Coaching for each agent boosts effectiveness by 4-6 points in just 10 weeks, potentially saving $20-25 million annually in large companies.

Boost Performance by 4-6 Points in Just 10 Weeks with Tailored AI Coaching

This agile solution equips consumer banking companies with the means to streamline their operations and effectively reduce expenses. Furthermore, SymTrain delivers tangible value within the first month, ensuring that consumer banking contact centers can swiftly onboard and empower their agents with the essential skills required to deliver superior services. 

The implementation of SymTrain has led to remarkable results for our clients, with new hires witnessing a remarkable 10% improvement in both Revenue per Seat per Hour (RSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS). Furthermore, even experienced agents have seen substantial gains, experiencing an impressive 9.7% reduction in AHT, and 14% improvement in collection rates.

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