Can SymTrain Make Your Agents Rocket Scientists?

In this 6 minute demo of SymTrain, Armando reviews a fun customer support demo where we pretend we work as a customer service agent at NASA.

Watch to learn how SymTrain helps contact center agents cut their time to proficiency in half by simulating customer interactions.

You’ll see agent, Luciana, practice her skills on exercises selected specifically to address her individual training or coaching needs. The impact this makes on performance saves most SymTrain customers over a thousand dollars per agent every month.

How? Watch and see:

See why contact contact center training doesn’t have to be rocket science in this quick and light hearted demo of SymTrain

In this scenario a relatively inexperienced contact center agent must quickly become a literal rocket scientist as she must help a NASA space shuttle land. We’ll see her work thru a simulation that helps her develop her skills to prove to you that training doesn’t have to be rocket science.

Guided by Coach Sym, the agent will get hints about what to say, where to look, and what to do. This will demonstrate many of the capabilities of the application, but in real life – as the agent learns – they would be presented with less and less guidance, until one day – taking an advanced Sym – they’d only be presented with the customer side of the dialog and the screens they’d see in real life. This is how you’d measure their proficiency.

You’ll watch Luciana – a customer support representative about to take a call from a shuttle pilot trying to identify a warning light. Then you’ll see how she did because SymTrain automatically analyzes Luciana’s performance. The solution provides her immediate feedback on her soft skills like confidence as well as her handle time and which key points she hit or missed along the way.

Managers will see how well she, and the entire team, performs over time. Most SymTrain customers report a decrease in AHT by 3-8% just by practicing skills and having the ability to use micro, targeted simulations to hone in on the specific behaviors the agents need to change the most.

Our agents report feeling twice as confident taking calls after a practice simulation, and I bet yours would too. To learn about other SymTrain customers who realized training and coaching isn’t rocket science, check out our case studies.

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