Does Role-Play Work in Freight?

Symtrain’s CEO and Chief Learning Officer joins the Freightwaves Podcast to discuss how role-play can positively impact the Transportation and Logistics Industry. Does role playing work in freight? – What The Truck?!?

On today’s episode Dooner and The Dude are asking the question: Is this all just a simulation? They’re talking to Dan McCann, CEO and chief learning officer at SymTrain, about the company’s simulation-based role play training. They’ll find out if sim training is the new way to go for getting your employees up to speed.

The guys may be back from Ballyhack but today they’re taking another trip to the greens with Chris Douglass, president of the Nashville Transportation Club, and Christian Huffman, board member in charge of golf. They’re talking about the NTC’s 2022 charity golf tournament.

Tim Perkins, chief business development officer at Spartan 5S Solutions, talks about elevating yourself to an executive role and counting trailers on the highway.

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