Freightwave’s Interview with Melanie Flores

Melanie Flores joins the “What the Truck?” hosts, Dooner and The Dude from around 21:28 to 33:30 to discuss her child’s entrepreneur journey and share a SymTrain demo which explains the power of role-play learning.

EV startup bets big on Tesla Semi – What The Truck?!?

On today’s episode Dooner and The Dude are talking to a startup that’s looking to build an EV fleet and load board. We’ll find out why it is betting big on the Tesla Semi and what the market looks like for an EV load board.

Biden is battling the big boats. What’s the fallout from Friday’s speech at the Port of Los Angeles?

Frank Kenney, director of industry solutions at Cleo, says the market for FreightTech has shifted dramatically in the past five months. What are buyers onboarding now?

Melanie Flores, director of solutions consulting at SymTrain, shares some business role-playing tips with us. She also shares how her 15-year-old son launched his own business, OctoGifts.

Plus, Convoy lays off 7% of its staff; fuel thefts are on the rise; a trucker is caught with a $18 million meth load; and more idiots in four-wheelers.

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