Bring Efficiencies to Your Healthcare Service

By Improving Empathy a 7% and Politeness a 4% in Every Call

The best healthcare organizations are unlocking the innovative power of SymTrain’s automated role-plays for contact center agents. Whether you are HealthTech, Pharma, Digital Health, a provider or payer, SymTrain’s scenarios are customized to meet your specific needs.

With SymTrain, soaring call volumes no longer mean patients and members will be treated as mere numbers in a queue.

Want to learn how agents are achieving empathy and stronger connections from the get-go?

SymTrain Healthcare Solutions

Pain Points

Rapid Regulatory Changes

Agents must stay informed about evolving healthcare regulations and compliance requirements to ensure the accuracy and legality of their work.

Handling Sensitive Patient Information

Agents must manage and process sensitive patient data with the utmost care, maintaining confidentiality and complying with data protection laws.

Multiple Technology Integration

Agents may struggle with the integration of various software systems and electronic health records, requiring continuous training and adaptation.

Explore the critical factors and trends that are shaping the healthcare contact center industry's future

Equip Your Agents for Diverse Service Excellence

Medical Claims Processing

Agents practice from day one how to verify medical claims, how to submit claims to insurance payers and how to negotiate payment with real patients.

Patient Access

Agents can learn to work with a patient-centric approach, optimizing patient access and reducing handle time without compromising service excellence.

Medical Billing

Agents that practice with automated role plays are able to manage and collect payments for medical services and recover outstanding patient balances.

Appointment Scheduling

Agents master booking patient appointments and scheduling effectively, not to mention giving call backs to patients who miss their appointment.

Satisfied Members and Patients Across the Board

SymTrain delivers significant benefits to healthcare contact centers, including a 3-6% decrease in operating costs and 50% reduction in onboarding time. These outcomes translate into substantial savings of thousands of dollars per agent on a monthly basis.

Provide Timely Feedback

Start to convert those upsell and retention opportunities with real-time feedback for both new hires and
tenure agents.

Train Them Faster

Achieve lower attrition rates and efficiency to stop agents from leaving in the crucial 1st 90 days by building their confidence and competence.

Engage Your Agents

Leverage AI-driven 100% customizable automated role-play to target those specific behaviors that agents need to change the most.

Enhance Agent Proficiency, Empathy, and Quality Scores

Greater Understanding of Patients and Members

SymTrain offers a comprehensive training solution that equips agents with the tools, techniques, and insights needed to develop a deep understanding of patients. Companies report that new agents show an 11% higher rating in ownership.

Train Empathetic Agents in Half the Time

SymTrain fosters greater empathy and effective communication among agents. Companies report that new agents that train with SymTrain are able to achieve a 7% higher ratings in empathy.

Real Time Training for Top Health Agents

Create an efficient patient service strategy that balances customer demands and operational excellence by driving real time simulations.

Get Higher Quality Scores

Equip your agents with the necessary knowledge and training consistency to provide outstanding patient experiences that result in CSAT score improvements by a margin of 12-15%.



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