Develop Your CX Superheroes

Your training facilitators have one of the most important jobs within your organization. Since they possess the skills necessary to create an excellent customer experience, they have been entrusted to pass their knowledge on to others. However, human learning is an imperfect process. SymTrain can help your training facilitators develop your CX superheroes by supporting their efforts and transforming your star performers into the next generation of mentors with our automated role-play platform.

The Transfer of Knowledge

The transfer of knowledge is an important component in the continuity of your business and a basic element of all training programs. But, it requires so much more than simple communication. You can tell your agents everything they must know. However, your training curriculum becomes much more powerful when you allow agents to learn a new skill by allowing them to do it for themselves.

Adding automated role-plays provides your frontline agents with hands-on experience in real-life situations they will face on the job. Not only does this help them internalize the information, but it also creates a more consistent and scalable model for transferring knowledge. And with Coach Sym listening and providing immediate feedback, it allows your facilitators to more quickly identify and offer support to struggling agents like never before.

Knowledge Is Power, Applying Knowledge Is a Superpower

Providing the information is only the first step. Your training facilitators must also show them how to apply it to raise the bar on performance. There is a multitude of training techniques that facilitators have used to do this. But now, symtrain offers a whole new suite of tools to help you achieve better results.

Utilizing call recordings from both the best and worst performers can demonstrate the best practices of your business. But with symtrain, you can now turn those calls into interactive scenarios in which trainees must apply the knowledge they have been given. And since your sym library is completely customizable, you can let your star performers and mentors lend their voice and have a direct hand in creating syms that address your greatest pain points.

Furthermore, the AI analysis provides more consistent feedback so your training facilitators can calibrate their methods and become more effective. They can put their superpowers to better use by zeroing in on particular skills and translating their knowledge for practical application using language that your agents can understand.

Empowering Training Facilitators to Develop Your CX Superheroes

Knowledge-based training is table stakes, so you must be able to identify the resources at your disposal, channel your abilities, and apply all the information and skills that you have to solve this complex problem. And as the gatekeepers of knowledge within your organization, training facilitators are in a unique position to do this.

While there are many talented individuals in the Marvel Universe, we see time and again how they struggle to understand and use their powers. However, when you have guidance from someone older and wiser, such as Professor X, there is no limit to what each person can achieve. Because as he said, “The first step in understanding one’s power is learning the extent of it.”

Although your training facilitators may not possess superhuman abilities, they do have access to digital tools that can streamline the transfer of knowledge and help them develop your agents’ CX superpowers. With the added support of Coach Sym, your agents will have guided practice through each scenario. And, your facilitators can focus more time on the active learning techniques that breed greater innovation, application of knowledge, and problem-solving abilities.

Those within your organization who already possess these superpowers must be put in a position to teach and guide others. Let us show you how symtrain can support your training facilitators, allow them to harness their abilities, and help your agents realize their full potential.

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