Immersive Learning for CX Training and Coaching 

Immersive learning is a time-tested technique that educators have employed for years to enhance students’ understanding of subject matter and improve knowledge retention. According to research conducted at the University of Maryland, individuals who engaged in immersive virtual environments for learning exhibited a remarkable 35% boost in their problem-solving and retention abilities when compared to their counterparts who relied on conventional educational methods. 

When adapted to the professional sphere, immersive customer experience (CX) training and coaching equips new and existing employees with the skills needed to navigate real-world scenarios within a simulated environment. One such platform, SymTrain, offers immersive, experiential learning opportunities through hands-on practice, enabling individuals to tackle various scenarios repeatedly through a coaching simulation space.  

This iterative approach has been proven to significantly enhance content comprehension. However, SymTrain takes it a step further by integrating guided practice and AI coaching into the learning process, facilitating skill mastery. 

The Advantage of Immersive Learning 

Immersive learning capitalizes on the principle of learning by doing. Research indicates that it not only enhances cognitive skills and comprehension but also bolsters memory and problem-solving abilities. As per research conducted by Accenture, the process of learning through experiential immersive means has the potential to enhance knowledge retention by an impressive 75%. 

Consequently, SymTrain has crafted a training platform that allows individuals to apply their knowledge and skills in lifelike workplace situations. Moreover, it affords learners the time and space necessary to build confidence and competence, expediting their journey toward proficiency. Step by step, SymTrain’s platform augments existing knowledge and skills. Once individuals assemble their Sym library, they gain ample opportunities for self-paced practice through these immersive learning simulations. 

In that way, SymTrain starts impacting companies as early as the typically time-consuming onboarding process, reducing it by an impressive 50 to 70%. This means that new agents can reach their peak productivity levels in half the time, not only accelerating their performance but also instilling a remarkable boost in their confidence. Such efficiency in onboarding has the potential to revolutionize the way organizations bring their team members up to speed, ensuring a faster and more confident start for new hires. 

SymTrain’s Approach to Immersive CX Training 

SymTrain’s platform meticulously recreates real-world scenarios that customer service agents are likely to encounter during their interactions with live customers. Rather than subjecting them to on-the-job learning, carefully crafted Syms offer a secure environment for practice, allowing individuals to make mistakes and self-correct with the assistance of an intuitive AI Coach, a powerful coaching simulator. Through AI training and coaching, agents receive immediate, targeted feedback, recognizing their strengths and pinpointing areas that require improvement.  

Additionally, they can repeat each lesson as many times as necessary until they feel confident with the content, ready to progress to the next skill. The level of guidance can be adjusted, empowering agents to become more self-sufficient until they can successfully navigate each scenario independently. By incorporating automated role-plays into your training curriculum, you can transform your training process and expedite agents’ skill mastery, creating an immersive CX training experience. 

Immersive learning, coupled with AI training and coaching, redefines the way to approach education and professional development. It not only enhances learning efficiency but also builds confidence and competence, enabling individuals to excel in their roles, particularly in the dynamic field of customer experience.  

Embracing immersive CX training is a strategic step towards fostering a skilled and confident workforce! 

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