Boost Your Sales Conversions in Insurance

And Optimize Onboarding Efficiency by Reducing Support Resources by 25%

In the high-stakes world of insurance, being a claims agent is acknowledged as one of the most demanding jobs in the contact center industry. Every day, these dedicated professionals navigate through a sea of over 100 calls, each echoing the complexities and emotional weight of catastrophic losses and difficult claims.

This relentless tide of challenges not only tests their skills but also exposes them to the risk of job shock. SymTrain stands as a beacon of support in this tumultuous environment, empowering agents with advanced training tools. By simulating real-world scenarios, SymTrain equips agents to handle every call with enhanced empathy, efficiency, and expertise, transforming these daily challenges into opportunities for successful sales conversions and customer satisfaction.

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Industry Challenges

Complexity and Regulations

Dealing with the complexity of healthcare insurance policies, compliance with regulations, and ensuring accurate handling of medical inquiries can be challenging.

Tense Interactions

Managing potentially tense situations, like processing accident claims in car insurance, and addressing disputes, requires excellent communication and conflict
resolution skills.

Diverse Business Needs

Understanding the diverse needs of corporate clients, providing tailored solutions, and making precise insurance assessments can be demanding tasks for agents.

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Tailored Solutions for Insurance Contact Centers

Home Insurance

SymTrain assists agents handling inquiries about homeowners or renters insurance, including coverage for property damage, liability, and related issues.

Car Insurance

SymTrain readies agents to efficiently process accident claims, explain policy terms, and assess damage, leading to smoother claims processing and a decrease in disputes.

Business Insurance

SymTrain equips agents to address a range of corporate client needs, offering customized solutions, precise risk assessments, and expedited claims handling.

Travel Insurance

Agents benefit from SymTrain by gaining expertise in handling travel emergencies, addressing policy inquiries, and managing claims.

SymTrain helps you meet your client's expectations

SymTrain has helped insurance companies ramp up to 1500 agents in just hours reducing training time from 5 days to 8 hours and achieving 10% improvement in empathy scores. This is why we are a comprehensive solution for driving holistic transformation across property, casualty, and homeowners’ insurance value chains by enhancing agent performance, resulting in a remarkable 50 to 70% reduction in nesting and training time.

By meticulously preparing agents to handle a variety of scenarios, organizations can realize significant benefits, including a notable 3-8% reduction in Average Handling Time. This translates to quicker, more efficient customer interactions, enhancing service quality while optimizing operational efficiency.

Reduce the nesting and training time by an impressive 50-70%


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