Methods for More Effective Coaching at Scale

As the workforce transitions to remote and hybrid environments, many companies are facing the challenges of how to adapt their training programs. One way that SymTrain is transforming virtual training is by offering more effective coaching at scale.

A Standardized Approach to Coaching

One of the most valuable features of SymTrain is that it creates a standardized approach to coaching. In addition to offering more consistency in the criteria and feedback, it develops and holds all employees to the same standards of achievement. SymTrain also allows you to compare progress for the individual or across a larger group. Once you have the baseline requirements, it is easier to pinpoint improvement areas.

Reduction in the Time and Cost to Train Employees

The time and cost benefits are important factors that make SymTrain so effective. SymTrain saves your training departments hundreds of hours in labor costs. Trainers no longer have to dedicate as much time to practicing role-plays, reviewing performance, and giving feedback since it is automatically generated. They now have more time to focus their energy on efforts that have a greater impact on overall performance. And since it is an AI-guided training, your employees can log as many hours as needed to practice different Syms. Each time they engage in realistic work scenarios and practice the skills required for their position, the better prepared they will become to handle live calls. Once you create your Sym library, you also have access to one more resource for ongoing training. This adds immense value to your training program. And with no limit to the number of users, it is easily scalable for companies of all sizes.

Self-Paced Practice for Skill Mastery

SymTrain also provides many advantages for your employees. It can be difficult to manage a team that learns at different paces. However, automated role-plays help to overcome this obstacle and provide one more tool to support them. For those who require more practice, it gives them real-life scenarios they can run through as many times as necessary. Allowing people to work at their own pace builds confidence and leads to skill mastery for more of your employees.

An Effective Platform for Ongoing Training

Although the emphasis is focused on new-hire training and the onboarding process, SymTrain offers an effective platform for ongoing training as well. With the automated role-plays, you can roll it out to your entire CX team when you require immediate training or upskilling. And, you can quickly deliver annual HIPAA compliance training across large groups of agents. And don’t forget, you are creating an entire Sym library which can be revisited and practiced whenever refreshers are needed. Utilizing quick-hit role-plays to highlight a single aspect of training is another excellent way to reinforce skills. And, you can always create new training programs when you implement a new process or product. Having a digital tool like SymTrain at your disposal allows you to optimize performance and offer more effective training at scale.

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