SymTrain Adds Chat Capabilities to its AI Automated Role-Play Product Suite

SymTrain Adds Chat Capabilities to its Product

Atlanta, GA- January 30, 2023— SymTrain, a high-growth SAAS company with a breakthrough automated role-play solution, announced today that it had added chat capabilities to its product suite of AI automated role-play solutions. This enhancement gives SymTrain customers the ability to leverage the power of the training and coaching tool across their omnichannel support environment.

Properly training chat agents has been a challenge for contact centers since omnichannel service was introduced. With agents tasked with managing multiple chats at one time, top customer complaints include a lack of empathy, handling complex questions, and language issues. The chat enhancement to the SymTrain product focuses on preparing agents for the specific issues that hinder the chat environment and negatively impact the customer experience.

Dan McCann, SymTrain CEO and Chief Learning Officer commented, “At SymTrain, we set out to provide a digital coach for everyone and these advances in our product suite continue to drive us closer to our ultimate goal.”

The current standard for managing chat agents is QA monitoring and agent assist tools that help guide agents during job scenarios. Adding SymTrain’s solution to this gives customer-focused companies the power to prepare agents for dialogs and scenarios prior to leaving training.

Mr. McCann added, “By giving our customers’ agents dialogs in from real interactions, including chat, SymTrain drives key outcomes such as improving first contact resolution, handle time, accuracy, and improved customer experience for our customers.”

SymTrain’s vision is to create a digital coach for everyone, as they optimize agent performance through automated role-play, AI coaching, and digital assessment exercises. The product earned Stevie Awards from the International Business Awards last year in the Career and Workforce Readiness Solution and Corporate Learning/Workforce Development Solution categories. 

About SymTrain

SymTrain is a SaaS solution that elevates the standard for training with digital role-play and AI-based coaching. It simulates real-world scenarios to prepare sales, service, and support agents for interactions with customers. By automating the delivery of digitized role-play scenarios, speed to proficiency increases by over 30% while using fewer internal resources. Benefits include consistent feedback across the enterprise, role-play training at scale, realistic scenarios based on live calls and recordings, audio and navigation practice, and individualized coaching.  SymTrain’s clients span multiple industries including banking, insurance, transportation, logistics, retail, and manufacturing.  For more information, visit