SymTrain Announces integration with Etech’s QEval 


Alpharetta, GA, May 21, 2024 – SymTrain, the leader in providing AI coaching solutions for contact centers, in collaboration with Etech Global Services, a pioneering global BPO company that leverages cutting-edge technology and human intelligence, is thrilled to announce a strategic integration between SymTrain’s Intelligent Coaching and Etech’s QEval, an innovative call center quality monitoring & agent performance management software. This ipartnership is set to change the way contact center agents are coached, offering a seamless transition between performance evaluation and targeted coaching. 

The Integration 

When QEval is integrated with SymTrain’s automated role-play solutions, you can create a cycle of effortless coaching of your agents. Simulation role playing allows agents to practice the exact same challenging customer dialogs in order to become highly proficient in a fraction of the time. And now with SymTrain embedded into Etech’s QEval you will have access to targeted coaching exercises for each agent based on QEval performance analysis. 

The integration of Etech’s QEval with SymTrain’s Intelligent Coaching offers a holistic approach to agent training and development. Through this collaboration, the users of Etech’s QEval will gain direct access to targeted coaching, enabling them to engage in personalized, AI-driven coaching based on their performance metrics and feedback gathered via QEval. This not only enhances the learning experience for call center agents but also streamlines the coaching process, making it more effective. 

The Integration Benefits 

  • Agents can easily transition from reviewing their performance and feedback in Etech’s QEval to participating in tailored coaching assignments in SymTrain, all with a single click. 
  • SymTrain’s Intelligent Coaching platform provides personalized coaching plans based on the agent’s specific needs and areas for improvement, as identified through QEval’s detailed performance analysis. 
  • The integration enables a more comprehensive view of agent performance, combining real-time data from Etech’s QEval with the adaptive learning capabilities of SymTrain. 

A Vision for the Future 

“By combining immersive training with data-driven insights, we can now provide our agents with hyper-personalized, in-the-moment coaching tailored to their unique strengths and development areas. Symtrain acts as a virtual mentor, continuously upskilling your team and accelerating their mastery of customer interactions”, says Jim Iyoob, Chief Customer Officer at Etech Global Services “This is just the beginning of our journey to harness the full potential of Gen AI in creating unparalleled customer experiences”.

“SymTrain is very excited about integrating with QA platforms like QEval, because we’re extending the last mile of a closed loop automated integrated coaching platform, never seen in this industry before. Dan McCann, CEO and Chief Learning Officer of SymTrain. 

The collaboration between SymTrain and Etech Global Services represents a significant step forward in the use of technology to offer a great and effortless customer experience through performance improvement. At the same time, it underscores the potential of integrating complementary technologies to create more effective, efficient, and personalized coaching solutions. 

About SymTrain  

SymTrain is an AI Coaching solution for contact centers that for the first time solves automatic and systematic training and targeted microlearning coaching to global teams across captive and partner teams. Our clients achieve quick global benchmarking down to the agent level, cut screening by 50%, time to proficiency by up to 50%, and improve production agent performance, a standard deviation.   

About Etech Global Services 

Etech Global Services is a pioneering customer engagement solutions provider, empowering Fortune 50 brands for over 20 years. Etech’s QEval revolutionizes call center operations through insightful performance analytics, intelligent monitoring, and seamless integration with existing systems. Etech’s industry-leading services and innovative solutions position the company as a trusted partner for elevated customer engagement strategies.