SymTrain Announces Partnership with Five9  


SymTrain is now available on the Five9 CX Marketplace and can be easily integrated with the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center.   

(Alpharetta, GA, May 24, 2024) – SymTrain announced today its partnership with Five9, an industry-leading provider of cloud contact center solutions. SymTrain AI-driven automated role-play for Five9 Channel Automation is now available on the Five9 CX Marketplace, making it easy for businesses to easily integrate this solution with the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center.   

The Five9 platform facilitates billions of call minutes annually, and provides digital engagement, analytics, workflow automation, workforce optimization, and practical AI to create more human customer experiences, engage and empower contact center agents, and deliver tangible business results. This integration offers customers a holistic approach to customer engagement by combining Five9’s advanced contact center technology with SymTrain’s interactive AI simulations to accelerate the learning curve for agents in contact centers, reducing the timeline from weeks to just a matter of days, thereby achieving a 50% increase in efficiency. By transforming complex concepts and systems into practical, hands-on experiences right from the start, SymTrain expedites the acquisition of essential skills for new agents.  

SymTrain’s platform features a range of customer experience-enhancing tools, such as sentiment analysis, Training Plans, and Intelligent Coaching, setting it apart with its focus on in-depth agent coaching. When integrated with the Five9 platform, this synergy allows for a seamless exchange of data, enabling agents to reduce the time to proficiency, resulting in more personalized interactions, quicker issue resolution, and the ability to adapt strategies based on agents’ performance.  

“SymTrain has unlocked the secrets to turning contact center training and coaching into a revenue-generating powerhouse. By tapping into the experiences of industry leaders such as Allstate, Citi, and Startek, SymTrain’s AI-data driven platform has truly transformed many companies’ operations in mere weeks” – Dann McCann, CEO and Chief Learning Officer.  

About SymTrain 

SymTrain is an AI Coaching solution for contact centers that for the first time solves automatic and systematic training and targeted microlearning Coaching to global teams across captive and partner teams. Our clients achieve quick global benchmarking down to the agent level, cut screening by 50%, time to proficiency by up to 50%, and improve production agent performance, a standard deviation.   

About Five9 

Five9 specializes in cloud-based contact center software designed to improve customer experiences (CX). The company aims to transform contact centers into customer engagement centers of excellence by leveraging artificial intelligence, automation, and cloud technologies.