SymTrain Joins the Verint Marketplace


(Alpharetta, GA, May 23, 2024) — SymTrain, a trailblazer in AI-powered coaching solutions for contact centers, is thrilled to announce its inclusion in the Verint Marketplace, a global leader in customer engagement and cyber intelligence solutions.

Being part of the Verint Marketplace underscores SymTrain’s commitment to transforming contact center coaching with its advanced AI technology and Automated Role-Play simulations. By personalizing learning experiences, providing real-time feedback, and emphasizing continuous improvement, SymTrain equips agents to excel in their roles even before they start, ultimately improving customer service standards.

Dan McCann, CEO and Chief Learning Officer of SymTrain, stated, “SymTrain has brought the secrets to turning contact center training and coaching into a revenue-generating powerhouse. By tapping into the experiences of industry leaders such as Allstate, Citi, and Startek, our AI-data driven platform has truly transformed many companies’ operations in mere weeks”.

SymTrain’s platform redefines how contact centers approach training and coaching, proving to be a critical asset in today’s fast-evolving customer service context. As the role of contact centers continues to grow in ensuring customer satisfaction, SymTrain’s innovative solutions have proven to be game-changers in optimizing agent performance.

This integration shows SymTrain’s leadership in the contact center domain. By leveraging AI coaching, SymTrain empowers agents to not only meet but exceed performance expectations, setting a new standard for customer service excellence.

About Verint 

Verint is a globally recognized leader in customer engagement and cyber intelligence solutions. The company is dedicated to helping the world’s most iconic brands build enduring customer relationships by connecting work, data, and experiences across the enterprise. Verint’s mission is to empower organizations with the tools and insights they need to create exceptional customer experiences.  

About SymTrain 

SymTrain is an innovative SaaS platform that redefines training through Automated Role-Play and AI-based coaching, meticulously preparing sales, service, and support agents for customer interactions. By automating the delivery of digitized role-play scenarios, it significantly accelerates proficiency, reducing training time by over 50% and conserving internal resources. Key benefits include enterprise-wide consistent feedback, scalable role-play training, lifelike scenarios drawn from live calls and recordings, audio and navigation practice, and personalized coaching.