SymTrain Launches Intelligent Coaching 


(Alpharetta, GA – May 21, 2024) — SymTrain, a dedicated platform designed to automate training and coaching for contact center agents, is thrilled to introduce its latest innovation: Intelligent Coaching. Leveraging the capabilities of generative AI, this cutting-edge addition is set to redefine and automate coaching processes for agents, making personalized training an attainable reality in mere weeks. 

Incorporating insights from agents’ internal scorecards, SymTrain’s Intelligent Coaching identifies key areas requiring improvement, paving the way for a targeted and strategic approach to coaching. As Reece Lincoln, AI/ML Technical Lead at SymTrain explains: “Essentially, the platform takes agents back to their scorecard, determining what these agents need most improvement on. From there, we assign them to Sims that target those specific aspects generated from the models.” 

The platform’s innovation lies in its ability to generate tailored coaching exercises based on agent performance data. By automating the assignment and prioritization of Syms, SymTrain’s Intelligent Coaching creates dynamic coaching plans that are uniquely customized to each agent’s specific needs. This ensures that agents receive targeted training on the skills and competencies requiring improvement. 

Intelligent Coaching not only streamlines the coaching process but also offers tracking of agent progress as they work through their customized plans. This proactive and personalized approach is poised to enhance agent performance, improve customer interactions, and boost the overall efficiency of contact center operations. 

The distinctive value proposition revolves around its automatic assessment of an individual’s position on the measurement scale, coupled with the seamless assignment of pertinent simulations. This pioneering approach not only simplifies the entire process but also establishes scalability for supervisors and managers. 

By automating the comprehension of an agent’s performance level and aligning it with customized simulations, this innovation emerges as a scalable solution, significantly bolstering efficiency and efficacy within supervisory and managerial responsibilities.  

SymTrain invites contact center leaders and industry professionals to explore the transformative potential of Intelligent Coaching and discover how it reshapes agent development strategies. 

About SymTrain 

SymTrain is an AI Coaching solution for contact centers that for the first time solves automatic and systematic training and targeted microlearning Coaching to global teams across captive and partner teams. SymTrain currently has 4 modules, Benchmarking, Assessments, Onboarding and Coaching. Our clients achieve quick global benchmarking down to the agent level, cut screening by 50%, time to proficiency by up to 50%, and improve production agent performance, a standard deviation.