SymTrain Launches New Product: Training Plans 


Alpharetta, GA, February, 2023 – SymTrain, a leader in innovative training solutions for contact centers, is excited to announce the launch of its new product: Training Plans, an enhancement to its platform that changes the way managers train and assess their trainees when using SymTrain. 

Transformative Approach to Training 

Training Plans introduce a structured and measurable approach to skill development, enabling managers to set clear start and due dates, and specific completion criteria for their training modules. This allows for a more organized and goal-oriented training process, unlike the traditional approach of assigning simulations without concrete benchmarks or timelines. 

Tailored Training Goals 

Managers can now customize training objectives according to the specific needs of their team. Whether it’s achieving a 100% score on keyword recognition, running simulations a set number of times, or reaching complete confidence in customer interactions, Training Plans make it possible. This personalized approach ensures that each agent’s training is aligned with both their individual needs and the overall goals of the contact center. 

Enhanced Performance Tracking 

Upon the completion of a Training Plan, managers stay updated on each agent’s progress. This feature not only tracks completion but also provides insights into areas of strength and improvement, enabling managers to make informed decisions about future training needs. 

Training Plans are versatile, benefiting agents across various stages of their career. From onboarding new recruits to enhancing skills like empathy in seasoned agents, Training Plans offer a structured path to professional growth and excellence in customer service. SymTrain’s Training Plans also bring a new level of organization to training content, allowing managers to effectively utilize the platform’s resources. By defining what completion looks like for each plan, the ambiguity in training outcomes is eliminated, ensuring a more efficient and productive learning experience. 

About SymTrain 

SymTrain is an AI Coaching solution for contact centers that for the first time solves automatic and systematic training and targeted microlearning Coaching to global teams across captive and partner teams. SymTrain currently has 4 modules, Benchmarking, Assessments, Onboarding and Coaching. Our clients achieve quick global benchmarking down to the agent level, cut screening by 50%, time to proficiency by up to 50%, and improve production agent performance, a standard deviation.