SymTrain Release 23.19

Hey everyone! Great news: SymTrain, your favorite agent training and coaching solution, just released version 23.19! Included are several brand-new features and product improvements that will positively impact your agent’s performance and end user experience.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new and different:

  1. Keyword Mode – Focus on your keywords without editing the script text; this feature makes it easier to add keywords to Syms.
  2. Post Sym Survey – Obtain feedback on Syms by optionally presenting agents with a survey following their first time taking a test.
  3. Sym Labels – We’ve removed the limit for Sym labels to accommodate more dynamic filing and classification of your exercises.
  4. Custom Agent Names – Have your conversations fully reflect the personas of the people practicing them by customizing agent names.
  5. Module Icon – Clearly see which of your Syms are modules vs individual Syms with this intuitive icon
  6. Play Button – By popular demand, now on the left for your clicking convenience.

My friend, Jamie, made a video of the new stuff, see release 23.19’s highlights for yourself here:

I can’t wait to hear how you take advantage of SymTrain’s enhanced capabilities and streamline your training initiatives. Post your thoughts on social with #CruisingOnTheSymTrain and let us know how these enhancements help your business revolutionize training and coaching.

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