Selling in Tough Times with Melanie Flores

Nick StroberMelanie Flores and Joe Lynch discuss selling in tough times. Nick is a Senior Account Executive and Team Leader at Lean Solutions Group, and Melanie is the Director of Solutions Consulting at SymTrain.

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About Nick Strober

Nick Strober is a Senior Account Executive at Lean Solutions Group, where he is known as a jack of all trades. His contributions to marketing, HR administration, operations, and sales have helped Lean Solutions land on the INC. 500 list of fastest-growing U.S. companies for three consecutive years. His time abroad has given him the tools to understand not only the U.S. and Latin American markets but also given him a global business perspective. Nick’s passion for networking and eagerness to sell has connected him with incredible businessmen and women worldwide.

About Lean Solutions Group

Lean Solutions Group (LSG) is a nearshore and offshore service provider that focuses on expanding and enhancing its client businesses. LSG’s broad offering ranges from staffing to technology, marketing, sales, and BPO services. To succeed in the transportation and logistics business, 3PLs need to be able to hire and retain the very best talent while keeping a lid on costs. Since the competition for the best talent is fierce, companies need an edge that will help them win; LSG is that edge. LSG helps its clients set up and establish satellite offices in beautiful countries like Colombia, Guatemala, and the Philippines. LSG’s team consists of qualified bilingual professionals eager to take on new challenges and become a part of your company. Since 2014, Lean has worked with over 500 satisfied U.S.-based transportation and logistics providers. Lean ensures that your satellite office is staffed with highly educated, English-speaking professionals trained in your company’s processes and systems. The Lean approach is a low cost, low risk, low hassle, and they handle the entire process with their account managers.

About Melanie Flores 

Melanie Flores blends an engineer’s mind with a teacher’s heart and a gardener’s hands. Her career path has been anything but linear, and every zigzag has blessed her with the chance to build a fun and bold idea from scratch. She graduated from MIT with a chemical engineering degree and a Theater Arts concentration. She started up Corning’s optical fiber factory in the Charlotte, NC area, founded a popular kindergarten engineering design workshop based on a famous MIT course, and led the STEM coaching team serving 48 Easter Seals teachers across metro Atlanta. In 2019, she and her teen son launched an e-commerce business, OctoGifts, that landed him customers in 25 states, two patents, and a spot on Atlanta Inno’s 25 Under 25 list. She joined SymTrain in 2021 and is excited to help businesses grow their people, impact, and bottom line through digitized role-play training and coaching. A two-time TEDx speaker, Melanie lives with her husband and two sons in Alpharetta, GA.

About SymTrain

SymTrain is an advanced AI-based training platform that is unlike any other. It simulates real-world coaching scenarios to prepare front-line agents for interactions with customers. Much more than a simulation, the platform is an immersive CX training experience that combines audio and visual elements for an all-encompassing approach to training which helps agents to better understand and retain the information. Benefits include improved quality, reduced training time and training resource costs, increased speed to efficiency, and an overall improvement in the key metrics that matter most to clients. SymTrain is emerging as an innovator in AI coaching and virtual training, and was recently awarded two International Stevie Awards for innovation in workforce readiness and corporate learning. Follow our journey at

Key Takeaways: Selling in Tough Times

  • In the podcast interview, Joe talks with Nick Strober and Melanie Flores about selling in tough times.
  • Nick Strober is a Senior Account Executive at Lean Solutions Group, a nearshore service provider that delivers high-quality business solutions in staffing, tech, marketing, and sales for U.S.-based companies.
  • Melanie Flores is the Director of Solutions Consulting at SymTrain, an Immersive learning technology platform that gives employees real job experience by engaging them in authentic work simulations.
  • Lean Solutions Group and Symtrain have formed a partnership that enables transportation and logistics companies to use industry specific simulation training modules that were developed by the Lean Solutions Group.
  • LSG uses Symtrain to train their 8,000 plus employees and they are big believers in the technology.
  • Lean Solutions Group is a nearshore service provider that provide back-office, operations, customer support, and technology services to over 500 logistics companies – and they are experts in check calls.
  • Symtrain engages employees in simulated work experiences that feel “real” – working at their own pace, anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Employees are empowered to take charge of their own learning and success. As a result, they learn faster, retain more, build confidence, and master the skills they need to deliver the best customer interactions every time.
  • Symtrain is a simulated training solution that creates a hands-on experience for sales, services, and support employees within a safe space
  • ‍By digitalizing the manual training and coaching processes, Symtrain enables companies to build employee attitudes, skills, and knowledge – faster, better, and cheaper.
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