Sit Down with SymTrain

Sit Down with SymTrain is a 30-min, interview-style webinar series that brings expert guests from all around the learning and development, contact center, and AI world to share ideas and inform your agent training strategy. Grab a coffee, join us for an insightful half hour, and get ready to challenge the status quo. Each episode will leave you inspired to rethink the way you train and coach.

Series Episodes

Epic Tales of Transformation in Customer Support

In the latest episode of Sit Down with SymTrain, we discussed the transformative strategies in customer support, featuring insights from industry experts. Hosted […]

Sit Down with SymTrain: Harnessing GenAI and Coaching Plans

In the insightful latest episode of Sit Down With SymTrain: Harnessing GenAI and Coaching Plans, Liz Powell, VP of Customer Operations, and Reece […]

Episode 4: Is AI a Threat to Jobs in the Contact Center?

The future of the contact center industry beckons, and the dialogue continues to resonate. Recognizing that one episode merely scratched the surface, we […]

Episode 3: Is AI a Threat to Jobs in the Contact Center?

AI will effect contact center jobs, staffing, and long-term strategies. In E03 Jim Iyoob, COO @ Etech Global Services, pragmatically discusses AI’s impact.

Episode 2: AI Coaching & Agent Assist, Friends or Foes?

With no shortage of AI-powered solutions promising to improve contact center metrics, is there room in the CC for both agent assist and automated coaching?

Episode 1: Change Agent Behavior with AI Coaching

In the first of its series, Erin Wilson invites Melanie Flores to “Sit Down with SymTrain” to discuss the strategies her clients use to change agent behavior.

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