Strategies to Reduce the Time and Cost to Coach

Call centers that implement effective coaching strategies see significant improvements in agent performance and retention. According to a study by McKinsey, teams led by coaches who spend more than 60% of their time on the contact-center floor experience twice the average staff-retention rates​

So yes, coaching agents effectively is essential for maintaining high standards of customer service and avoiding attrition, but it can be resource-intensive. However, AI coaching can significantly streamline this process, offering the same or better quality coaching, and producing time and cost savings while also impacting agent proficiency and performance.

Here are some key strategies:

1. Implementing AI Coaching

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Every hour spent deploying AI coaching can save $250 in resource time and costs associated with planning, delivering and scoring coaching. AI-driven systems can handle these tasks automatically, reducing the need for manual intervention and freeing up your team’s resources.

Automation of Targeted Coaching Plans

AI coaching can automatically analyze QA data, metadata, and call recordings to generate targeted coaching plans for each agent. This ensures that coaching is precise and tailored to individual needs, improving effectiveness without additional time and resource expenditure.

2. Implementing Automated Role-Playing for New Hires

Accelerated Skill Development

By incorporating two hours of daily role-playing exercises, new hires can quickly develop the skills necessary to handle real-world scenarios in less time. Role-play can be uncomfortable on the first days, but having the agent perform it on his own on a simulation makes all the difference. Agents acquire confidence and start gaining competence when navigating the system. This consistent practice helps them achieve proficiency 50% faster, reducing the time required to bring them up to speed and altogether making nesting unnecessary.

Realistic Simulations

Role-playing in a controlled, risk-free environment allows new agents to navigate system tools and handle various customer interactions. This reduces the likelihood of errors during actual calls in the first weeks, while also preparing them for the challenges they will face on the day to day work.

3. Implement Weekly AI Coaching Sessions for Tenured Agents

Ongoing Skill Enhancement

For tenured agents, dedicating two hours a week to targeted AI coaching exercises ensures they remain at the top of their game, all while letting your training and QA team focus on different aspects of the agent’s journey. This regular reinforcement helps refine their skills and adapt faster to new procedures, regulations, or tools. Very beneficial when working in banking, where compliance can vary.

Focus on High-Impact Areas

Targeted coaching focuses on areas where agents need the most improvement, ensuring that coaching time is used efficiently. By addressing specific weaknesses, agents can improve their performance significantly with minimal time investment.

Deploying AI coaching will impact operational efficiency right away, by lowering the time and cost spent on coaching.

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