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SymTrain is a SaaS solution that uses AI to simulate customer conversations in an audio and visual environment. Customers automate role-play for chat and voice interactions to provide more practice to agents and accelerate training and coaching in the contact center.

In practice, SymTrain provides customers a 3-6% reduction in contact center operating costs, cuts on boarding time in half, and drives 15% improvements in sales and collections outcomes — saving most businesses thousands of dollars per agent, monthly.

Why Choose SymTrain?

Improve Agent Performance by 7-9%

  • Automate coaching at scale
  • Data-driven coaching created and delivered based on successful agent calls, automatically
  • Auditable situational learning exercises with immediate and consistent scoring and feedback
  • Targeted learning, focused on specific coaching behaviors

Accelerate Speed to Proficiency and Speed to Green

  • New hires apply knowledge and practice actual job scenarios as early as day one
  • Build confidence and skills with safe, simulated learning that mirrors real-life workflows
  • Reduce training time and resource costs by over 40% with automation

Improve Customer Experience, Streamline Interactions

  • Agents prepare for customer interactions based on actual recorded calls 
  • New hires practice the most common scenarios while in-role agents have targeted exercises 
  • Increase CSAT scores by 12-15% with more confident and better prepared agents 

Key Differentiators

Simple Simulation Creation

  • Call recordings, audio upload, or direct record 
  • Scripts, storyboard, or knowledge content 
  • Generative AI 
  • Simulate CRM and business application environments 

Speed to Implementation and Value

  • Hard dollar ROI within 10 min 
  • Rollout new processes and resolve communication challenges within hours

Realistic Conversations with Software Navigation

  • Combine speech, desktop, video, graphics 
  • AI-powered instant scoring and feedback

No Professional Services Require

Platform Highlights

AI Enabled Platform
The SymTrain platform uses AI in two key ways: to accelerate simulation content (Sym) creation and to analyze the agent’s performance on simulations.

For Sym creation, their proprietary AI algorithm analyzes and identify patterns within input data (call recordings, and a proprietary generative AI model) to generate training and coaching scenarios. Practice sessions are scored using AI which evaluates the agents’ soft skills (confidence, focus, etc.) as well as how effectively they navigated the key moments of the customer interaction.

SaaS-Based, Cloud Delivery Model
As a SaaS solution, the SymTrain platform is delivered to end-users via a web-browser, enabling global teams to benefit from the solution without additional IT resources. Being cloud-based also allows SymTrain to offer scalable, flexible, and cost-effective pricing plans.

No-Code and DIY-Friendly
SymTrain’s no-code platform is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing users to easily create and customize Syms using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

The SymTrain solution uses AI to automate tasks such as audio transcription, sentiment analysis, and content generation, allowing users to create and deploy high-quality Syms in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods.

Optional Integrations

  • Quality assurance and quality management tools
  • Speech analytics and AQM solutions 
  • Call recording, monitoring tools 
  • CCaaS solutions / voice platform • Learning management systems (LMS) 
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) 

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