SymTrain to the Rescue During the Great Resignation

It’s impossible to ignore the connection between your employees’ well-being and their motivation to make an impact within the company. There is no doubt that when your employees thrive, you thrive. So, why are so many people “quiet quitting” or leaving their positions altogether? Is it really that people don’t want to work? Or is it that they need to find more purpose in their job than simply showing up to “get things done”? To help your employees find greater satisfaction, you must support them every step of the way, beginning from the moment they start training. Here’s how SymTraining can come to the rescue during the Great Resignation.

What Is the Great Resignation?

The Great Resignation refers to the ongoing trend of employees who are voluntarily leaving their jobs en masse. Although it started in early 2021, it is still impacting the workforce today. Economists first believed this was a result of the uncertainty caused in the wake of the pandemic. However, changes in corporate policies, benefits, and engagement struck a nerve with many people who were not satisfied with their jobs.

While the pandemic may have triggered it, labor issues have been a brewing powder keg for years. What changed was that people had time for self-reflection during the transition. It caused them to re-evaluate their roles and value to their companies, with many choosing a greater work-life balance.

These realizations have also led to “quiet quitting” in which workers are no longer going above and beyond the duties named in their job description. Now, they are merely doing the bare minimum to keep their jobs since they are asked to do more with less resources and sometimes no compensation.

Although it may seem that we are at an impasse, companies must find a way to navigate the problem to find solutions that work for everyone.

Why Are People Leaving Their Jobs?

The current work shortages are apparent in every industry. So, why are so many people leaving positions, and sometimes even changing industries?

It comes down to one fundamental truth: people need to see that their companies are taking care of their physical, mental, emotional, and financial well-being. If that isn’t the case, then more people are more willing to leave positions that don’t meet their personal needs since there are many companies out there that will.

Employees are no longer willing to work unpaid hours, bend their personal lives to the demands of their job, deal with disrespect in the workplace, or stay in a company that doesn’t provide opportunities for advancement. Quiet quitting is a direct response to the lack of care or negative reactions from their managers. But, until these issues are addressed, the resignation letters are likely to continue piling up.

How Can SymTrain Come to the Rescue?

It’s clear that people need more than a paycheck to feel valued by their company. Offering ongoing training is the perfect way to not only support your employees’ professional growth but also to empower them.

Individualized training and practice is one way you can ensure they have the skills they need to perform their jobs well. Your library of automated role-plays will allow employees at all levels unlimited access to any additional training they need, whether they are new hires or tenured agents. Since it is self-paced learning, they can take their time to review difficult skills and concepts. This builds confidence in both their own abilities, but also the support of their leadership team.

Employees want to feel that their company is invested in their success, not just its bottom line. To learn more about how SymTraining can come to the rescue during the Great Resignation, contact us to set up a demo. Let us show how we can boost your employees’ confidence, performance, and overall job satisfaction.

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