SymTrain at the TechLearn Conference 2023

Learning technology has emerged as a vital resource for corporate trainers and eLearning professionals. Its relevance cannot be overstated, given the ever-increasing need for organizations to adapt, upskill, and remain competitive.  

According to Statista, as of 2023, the global eLearning market has already exceeded an estimated 243 billion U.S. dollars, showcasing the remarkable growth and significance of this industry in recent years. 

Is not surprising, since eLearning offers a transformative approach to training and development, revolutionizing how knowledge is disseminated, and talent is nurtured within corporate settings. For those reasons, Training magazine launches the annual edition of TechLearn Conference: the cutting-edge learning technology summit for corporate trainers and eLearning Innovators. 

Training magazine started showing this commitment and leadership within the training industry a long time ago. For over 55 years, Training magazine has stood as a stalwart voice, consistently championing the cause of training, learning, and performance professionals. Its rich legacy is rooted in a deep understanding of the ever-evolving demands of the corporate world.  

The TechLearn Conference itself was then conceived as a response to the ever-growing need for organizations to embrace transformative learning technologies. It was designed to bring together leaders and innovators in the field to share expertise and explore emerging trends. 

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SymTrain Present at the TechLearn Conference

Training contact center employees has become increasingly difficult. Often, trainees are thrown into their roles without adequate support and regular feedback on their practice sessions. For them, eLearning solutions have become an appropriate path. 

Hence, SymTrain, an AI-powered platform designed for training and coaching within contact centers that seamlessly integrates with the spirit of the conference. This synergy arises from SymTrain’s congruence with the conference’s core emphasis on cutting-edge learning technology.

SymTrain will be present at Table 23, effectively illustrating how AI has the potential to transform training and coaching processes, enhancing both efficiency and personalization. The event embodies the spirit of innovation and collaboration that aligns seamlessly with SymTrain’s mission to improve training in contact centers.

By engaging with industry experts, networking with potential partners, and showcasing its AI-driven solutions, SymTrain not only stays at the forefront of learning technology but also establishes itself as a key player in advancing the future of training and coaching.

Join SymTrain for “How to Use AI to Scale Coaching with Existing Resources” presented by our CEO and Chief Learning Officer, Dan McCann 

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TechLearn Conference: Unleashing the Future of Learning Technology

TechLearn Conference is the gateway to a world of skill-building excellence. At the conference, participants can immerse themselves in the dynamic landscape of Virtual Classrooms, where education transcends physical boundaries. 

They will be able to explore the potential of mobile learning, enabling engagement from anywhere. Creativity will be unleashed through games and simulations, while emerging trends in eLearning and the latest development techniques, platforms, and tools await discovery. TechLearn offers an innovative platform where attendees can engage with the future of learning technology and seize limitless opportunities.

The Details

🗓️ Date: September 19th to 21st, 2023

📍 Location: New Orleans

🎟️ How to attend: You can register here

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