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Are your agents being able to keep pace with demanding and knowledgeable customers? Currently, the primary battleground for technology companies revolves around enhancing the customer experience for clients that are tech engaged.

Fueled precisely by a profound use of technology, SymTrain helps companies achieve a highly skilled tech workforce cater to customers throughout the entire product journey, spanning from pre-sales and repairs to refurbishment, capable of covering virtually every device and appliance out there.

Explore automated coaching for top-tier service, and dive into the future of agent coaching for the tech industry

Industry Challenges

Rapid Scaling

Managing sudden increases or decreases in demand for tech support while maintaining service quality and efficiency.

Cultural Fit

Ensuring that contact center agents align with the company's values, communication style, and customer-centric approach to enhance overall cohesion.

Deep Expertise

Recruiting and retaining agents with in-depth knowledge of intricate technological issues to provide effective and accurate support in the dynamic tech industry.

Delve into the transformative power of technology across industries, including insights for understanding the contact center industry

Training Solutions for High Efficiency in Technology

Technical Proficiency

Agents can undergo rigorous practice until they achieve full proficiency in diagnosing and resolving both software and hardware issues across a diverse array of devices.

Device Knowledge

Agents acquire the necessary knowledge and communication skills to educate customers in selecting the most suitable devices, providing valuable insights into their features and advantages.

Upselling and Cross-Selling Excellence

Agents stand out in recognizing opportunities to suggest additional products or services, aiming to maximize revenue while enriching the overall customer experience.

System Set-up

Agents specialize in tailoring software and hardware settings to meet customers’ specific needs, ensuring optimal functionality and performance.

Troubleshooting Solutions

Agents develop expertise in identifying and addressing technical issues by utilizing advanced diagnostic techniques and repair procedures.

Substantial Attrition Reduction with SymTrain

Benefit from a notable reduction in your attrition rates: customers that have implemented SymTrain have seen only 8% of new hires leave within the crucial first 90 days on the job, a significant improvement compared to the 35% industry average.

By implementing SymTrain you also cultivate a resilient and committed team that contributes to long-term organizational success. Invest in the longevity and success of your workforce, and let SymTrain be the catalyst for a thriving and cohesive team culture.

Develop highly engaged tech teams with SymTrain


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