The Impact of Individualized Practice

What Is Individualized Practice?

Individualized practice refers to customized plans for self-paced learning. Sometimes it incorporates human-to-human coaching. However, it usually works along a virtual training curriculum to support trainers and reinforce content outside the classroom. Since it is impossible for trainers to give their full attention to every agent who is in need of support, especially in a large call center, individualized practice allows agents to work through the material at their own pace.  

However, the advancements in AI technology have provided a new option for automated role-playing. With SymTrain, agents receive individualized assistance from our AI. Coach Sym provides the guidance and additional support you need to increase skill mastery and comprehension. Not only are companies embracing this style of self-paced learning to better assist new hires, but it also serves as an important learning tool for more tenured agents who may need to revisit skills or challenging workplace scenarios.

What Are the Benefits?

SymTrain offers several benefits to any training program. First and foremost, it brings value to your curriculum and adds another tool to your library. Since everyone learns in different ways, it provides one more way to connect agents to the material. And, the personalized feedback offers insights into each person, helping trainers to better identify strengths and weaknesses. This makes it easier to adjust your curriculum or approach as needed to improve the overall comprehension and performance of your agents.

Digital role-play also leads to improved skill mastery, faster. The only way to get better at something is with practice. So if your agents are struggling, they can repeat the same scenarios over and over until they feel confident to handle the situation without assistance. It even provides visual cues and guided navigation to show them what to do through each sym. 

And ultimately, it leads to better quality interactions in the classroom. Trainers spend less time performing these repetitive tasks in class, and more time on the content that matters.

What Is the Long-Term Impact of Individualized Practice?

Over time, the individualized practice has several proven positive effects. Taking into account that people also learn at different rates, giving agents more ways to learn ensures that fewer people fall between the cracks. Not only does this better prepare your agents, but trainers have also found that people are more satisfied and confident when there are more choices and freedom within the training curriculum. Happy agents usually translate to lower attrition rates.

Furthermore, SymTrain’s automated role-plays ease new hires’ transition and allow everyone the time and space to learn at their own pace. And since the Syms require verbal feedback, it helps agents to stay engaged in the material so they don’t “check out” as many people do during group practice.

However, it is also an effective tool for agents who are struggling with a particular skill, even after months or years on the phones. Coach Sym guides them through the scenarios and then provides immediate feedback, touching on both their strengths and areas for improvement. So no matter where your agents are on the training spectrum, SymTrain can support your training objectives with targeted, individualized practice to achieve your long-term goals.

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