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Training contact center employees has grown more challenging over time. Frequently, new hires are thrust into their positions with insufficient assistance and infrequent evaluations of their training exercises. This method leaves fresh recruits to acquire their skills on the fly while interacting with actual customers, leading to dissatisfaction and elevated attrition rates for operations.

To confront these difficulties, SymTrain provides a solution that streamlines the process of benchmarking existing agents, pre hire assessment, onboarding, and coaching employees. This is achieved through automated practice sessions that mirror real-world situations. Such an approach enables prompt performance feedback and diminishes the necessity for extensive training periods and resources.

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SymTrain Provides a Solution for Every Use Case


SymTrain turns customer interactions into AI-driven dialog simulations, making it possible to assess all agents using the same standard. Now, you can evaluate your current agent team and measure them on the various aspects of a call.

Pre-Hire Assessment

SymTrain has significantly improved the hiring process. Hiring managers can now assess three times as many candidates compared to traditional methods. New hires are able to grasp fundamental concepts within the first days instead of the usual four weeks.


SymTrain's approach to onboarding eradicates the need for repetitive procedures, ensuring that agents are engaged at their specific level of expertise. It recognizes their experience, making it an ideal solution for efficient onboarding.


SymTrain's differentiator lies in the level of understanding shown towards agents. Rather than treating them as if they lack the basics, coaching with SymTrain acknowledges their existing knowledge and skills, looking to improve them.

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