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Tips and Tricks: Creating Random Branched Simulations

In the latest edition of Tips and Tricks, SymTrain hosted a special session focused on creating random branched simulations, a powerful tool for enriching the training and coaching of contact center agents. Jamie Leckband, alongside James Chaffin, Speech & Quality Manager at Revenue Group, shared invaluable insights into leveraging this feature to enhance learning outcomes. Here are the key takeaways from the session:

1. Introduction to Random Branched Simulations

Jamie Leckband kicked off the session by introducing the concept of random branched simulations (Syms), emphasizing their efficiency in incorporating extensive information into a single simulation. These Syms are designed to randomly present different scenarios (branches) to trainees, ensuring a varied learning experience each time.

2. Benefits of Using Random Branched Syms

  • Efficiency in Training: Jamie highlighted how quickly and efficiently trainers can create these Syms, allowing for rapid development and deployment of training materials.
  • Enhanced Learning through Repetition: The use of random branches in simulations ensures that agents are exposed to various scenarios, reinforcing learning and aiding in memorization and application of knowledge.

3. Practical Demonstration

Jamie provided a live demonstration of creating a random branched Sym, showcasing the simplicity and speed of the process. This practical insight underlined how trainers could effortlessly integrate multiple scenarios into a single Sym, covering objections, empathy, and other critical skills.

4. Keyword Integration for Automated Feedback

A significant highlight was the discussion on integrating keywords and phrases into Syms for automated feedback. By marking certain words or phrases in the script, trainers can ensure that key concepts are recognized and reinforced throughout the simulation.

5. Time-Saving Tips

The session covered time-saving tips for creating Syms, including the use of document templates to pre-define keywords and phrases, making the script preparation process even more streamlined.

6. Guest Insights

James Chaffin shared his expertise, emphasizing the practical applications and benefits of random branched Syms in real-world training scenarios. His insights added a valuable perspective on how such simulations could significantly impact agents’ performance and learning curves.

Experience the Full Session on Creating Random Branched Simulations

For those eager to relive or know more about random branched simulations to truly improve your skills in creating dynamic, engaging training scenarios for agents, we invite you to watch the full Tips and Tricks session featuring special guest James Chaffin, Speech & Quality Manager at Revenue Group:

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