Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks: Creating the Right Sym to Solve Your Challenges

In our recent Tips and Tricks session, we explored effective strategies for designing Syms to tackle common challenges in training and development. The focus was on customizing Syms to enhance training efficiency, reduce learning curves, and address specific pain points in customer service roles.

Key Takeaways

  • Reducing Training Time: Implementing Syms from day one can significantly decrease overall training time, enhancing early engagement and proficiency.
  • Enhancing Soft Skills: Branch Syms are effective for practicing soft skills, such as empathy and objection handling, by presenting agents with various conversational outcomes.
  • Improving Average Handle Time: Syms help pinpoint and practice the specific parts of a process that an agent struggles with, thus reducing their average handle time by making their interactions more efficient.
  • Targeted Coaching for New Hires and Tenured Agents: Tailored coaching sessions during the 30-, 60-, and 90-days post-training can help new hires adapt more quickly and efficiently. For tenured agents, structured Syms can refresh and enhance their skills, ensuring continued excellence in customer interactions.
  • Retention and Attrition: Using Syms for pre-assessment can help determine if candidates are a good fit for the role, potentially reducing attrition rates by setting realistic job expectations upfront.
  • Efficient Content Utilization: Repurposing existing content into different types of Syms can cater to varying training needs, from reducing training durations to focusing on specific competency areas.

Watch It Again!

For those looking to go deeper into the nuances of creating effective simulations and see these tips in action, we invite you to watch the full session video and explore the practical applications of these strategies in your training modules.

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