Tips and Tricks: Facilitator’s Guide to SymTraining

In the last Tips and Tricks we went through the essential steps for a successful start with SymTrain. Whether you’re preparing for your first day of training or looking to streamline your ongoing training processes, this guide has got you covered. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Pre-Training Preparation:
    • Add all users to SymTrain easily via bulk upload or individually as an Org Admin.
    • Ensure that the welcome email from SymTrain is whitelisted to avoid it landing in junk mail.
    • Prepare your trainees by setting clear expectations about the tool and its benefits for practicing real-life scenarios in a safe environment.
  • Day One Setup:
    • Introduce trainees to their SymTrain dashboard and explain the different components: homepage, assigned sims, and playbacks.
    • Run a simulation for them to demonstrate how it works, highlighting the importance of practicing both in training and test modes.
    • Utilize Training Plans to structure the training process, setting criteria for success and ensuring that all necessary simulations are completed.
  • Ongoing Training and Reinforcement:
    • Start each day with a warm-up simulation to reinforce previous learnings and prepare trainees for new material.
    • Use the results report to track trainee progress and identify any issues early on.
    • Emphasize the importance of consistent practice, suggesting short, frequent sessions rather than long, end-of-day practice.
  • Post-Training Strategies:
    • Encourage trainees to practice regularly even after formal training ends to maintain and improve their skills.
    • Set expectations for ongoing learning and growth, stressing that consistency in practice is more crucial than the quantity of practice time.

Watch the Full Session

For more detailed insights and practical tips, be sure to watch the full session. Check out the video here:

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