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Tips and Tricks: Labeling Based on Coaching Objectives

In the recent Tips and Tricks session, Dan McCann, CEO of SymTrain, shared valuable insights on enhancing training and coaching using SymTrain’s features. The session covered three main topics designed to streamline training efforts and improve outcomes. Here are the key takeaways:

  1. Tagging and Labeling Based on Skills and Coaching Objectives: SymTrain now allows for more detailed tracking and analysis of agent performance through tags and labels. These can be aligned with specific skills and coaching objectives, enabling trainers to customize their feedback and development plans more effectively.
  2. Viewing Completion Data and Scores within SymTrain: The platform has been updated to provide immediate access to completion data and scores. This feature ensures that trainers and managers can quickly assess the progress and proficiency of their agents, making it easier to identify areas where additional support or training is required.
  3. Demonstration of Training Plans and Coaching: Dan McCann showcased how Training Plans and Coaching within SymTrain could be used to further streamline training and coaching efforts. These tools allow for a more structured approach to training, ensuring that agents receive consistent, targeted instruction that aligns with their specific needs and the organization’s goals.
  4. Introducing 5-Minute Coaching Calls: An ongoing, concise assessment and coaching initiative designed to empower agents in their professional development. In just 5 minutes each week, agents engage in targeted exercises to refine skills and enhance efficiency. During weekly team meetings or personalized 1:1 sessions, agents reflect on their progress, celebrate achievements, and identify areas for improvement using tools like the Weekly Scorecard and SymActivity Report.

This session not only provided a practical demonstration of SymTrain’s capabilities but also inspired attendees to explore new ways to leverage technology in their training and development strategies.

Missed the live session?

Don’t worry. The complete workshop provides an in-depth exploration of the practical applications of SymTrain, ensuring you can unlock its full potential for your contact center’s training requirements:

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