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Tips and Tricks: Managing Users and Teams

In a recent Tips and Tricks session, Tanveer Ahmed from the SymTrain team discussed user and team management within the platform, emphasizing the importance of these features for the seamless deployment of new onboarding and coaching processes.

Here are the key takeaways from the session:

  • Creating Teams and Adding Users: Tanveer highlighted the simplicity of the team creation process, which allows for the bulk uploading of users through a straightforward template. This template requires just two pieces of information: the username and email address for each user you wish to add to a team.
  • Prerequisite for Adding Users to Teams: A critical point noted was that users must first be added to the platform before they can be included in any team. This ensures that the system recognizes the type of users being uploaded—be it creators, managers, admins, or trainees—and allows for their proper management within the team structure.
  • Adding Users to Multiple Teams: Addressing a frequently asked question, Tanveer explained that SymTrain offers a streamlined process for adding a single user to multiple teams. This is accomplished through the user’s portal, where admins can edit user profiles to associate them with multiple teams simultaneously, eliminating the need to add a user to each team individually.
  • Benefits of Deactivating Over Deleting Users: The session also covered best practices for user management, such as the recommendation to deactivate rather than delete users. This approach preserves the user’s execution and reporting data, allowing for their potential reactivation in the future.
  • Assigning Sims and Modules: Tanveer discussed the organization of Sims and modules, essential for managing multiple lobbies or vendors within SymTrain. This feature facilitates the efficient allocation of resources and tracking of progress across different teams.

This comprehensive session not only addressed key functionalities within the SymTrain platform but also provided valuable insights into best practices for managing users and teams effectively.

Watch the Full Session on Managing Users

For a more detailed understanding and to see these tips and tricks in action, we invite you to watch the full session video. Explore the platform’s full potential in automating training and coaching for contact center agents.

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