Tips and Tricks: Navigational Only Syms

Navigational only Syms offer a streamlined approach to training, focusing on guiding users through processes without the need for audio interaction from the trainee. These Syms are particularly useful for directional training, system navigation, and proficiency assessments. Here’s a quick overview of what we covered in our latest Tips and Tricks session:

Key Takeaways

  • Versatile Use Cases: Navigational Syms are perfect for onboarding, system training, and upskilling tenured agents. They allow trainees to practice navigating systems without the risk of errors in a live environment.
  • Proficiency Testing: Use navigational Syms to accurately assess a candidate’s proficiency in software applications by guiding them through specific tasks, rather than relying on self-assessment scales.
  • Onboarding and Training: These Syms are ideal for new hires, helping them get comfortable with company systems and processes quickly and effectively.
  • Upskilling and New Processes: Help tenured agents adapt to new systems or processes by providing them with a safe space to practice without affecting live operations.
  • Repurposing Existing Syms: Clone and modify your current Syms to create navigational versions, focusing on complex processes that agents frequently struggle with.
  • Simple Creation Process: Building a navigational only Sym is straightforward. Create or upload a script, add your screenshots, and define the interactions. Use highlights to guide trainees through each step.
  • Scoring Adaptations: To avoid a zero score in navigational Syms, incorporate a keyword interaction at the beginning, or clarify that the click score is the primary measure of performance.

Watch the Full Session

To get a detailed walkthrough and see these tips in action, check out the full session video:

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